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Southern Storms Superthread 2009

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If you live in TN, GA, or anywhere around here you know already. Half of ATL is under water, as is a lot of Nashville, and everywhere in between is fucked

I've seen the sun a total of 15 minutes this past week or so



But this story tops it - guy jumps into flooded storm drain on a 5$ bet. Body Still not found 2 days later. Doesn't get the 5$




By Greg Bluestein, Associated Press Writer


The death toll in Southeast flooding has reached eight after rescuers found the body of a 15-year-old boy in northwest Georgia following days of heavy rain that turned docile creeks into surging rivers.


The teen's body was found in the Chattooga River on Tuesday morning.


The Georgia Emergency Management Agency also reported a new death in Douglas County west of Atlanta, bringing the toll in that county to four people. No more details were immediately available.


Other victims have included a 2-year-old boy who was swept away from his family when a creek ripped open their west Georgia mobile home Monday.


Aerial shots showed schools, parking lots and even entire neighborhoods submerged by the deluge, sending some unlucky residents scurrying for higher ground.


Man's jump in flood water described as 'ego thing'


With children and other onlookers holding umbrellas, Sylvester Kitchens stood in the flooded street, laughing and bragging he could swim an overflowing Chattanooga storm ditch outside their house.


Wearing shorts and shirtless, the 46-year-old Kitchens dared onlookers to bet him $5 he couldn't do it. Even when nobody showed any money, Kitchens jumped in.


After bobbing along in the gushing water Sunday afternoon and grabbing a chain link fence above the ditch, Kitchens lost his grip and washed away into an underground culvert.


Two days later, Chattanooga fire officials are still searching for him.


Kitchens' nephew, 22-year-old Leslie Townsend, said he is heartbroken but doesn't want others to follow his uncle's playful example around dangerous water.

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Shit ain't too bad here because we have a huge river running through downtown that they just built huge levees around 5 years ago, so the worst is some flooding in the suburbs that don't have their runoff game tight


ATL is seriously fucked up tho

peeps down there talking about how peachtree center and park is underwater for the first time in 20 years

people are being evacuated by boat





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there was some flooding in my neighborhood, but thats mostly because ATL's sewers or so fucking old and shitty that they basically can't handle ordinary rain fall, let alone the days of rain we've been getting. fortunately the sun is shining right now...

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The last two days were the best days we've had in almost a week and half. It's been a torrential down pour every day before this.


I tried to find some pictures from last years rainy season, the mississippi was hitting the tops and basically turned east arkansas into part of the mississippi, it was pretty bad ass.



here's what happened in july...


I can only imagine what's up in Georgia right now

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Yesterday was the only clear day we had in forever

luckily it was my boys bday and we grilled the fuck out of 20 lbs of gulf shrimp

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Yeah, i hear ya...


It's been clear here pretty much all day until about 20 min ago when i realized it was pouring and i left my windows cracked. Should have known better...


fooled again

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Been raining here for the last ten days or so. It's driving me fucking crazy because I can't go out and the itch to go graffndance is terrible right now.

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