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his profile .. again peep it






I am not a RailFan,

I dont know much about every locomotive, every frieght car, every railroad...

and I dont want to be one either...


I bench what goes by,

I keep click'n till the FRED rolls by...


That is what I know,

that is what i share.


Dont like it, dont look...


yes it is discombobulated mess.. but thats why these photos are to be released as free..

Art is Priceless,

Art is something that should not be bought...


Rolling Art is the 'pieces you cannot buy...


feel free to add tags to any and all..

much help is appreciated to all those who have shared so much knowledge... and to my mentor Artistik for being so grateful to my addivtion to the rolling art in the 21st century..


I hope you find the sharing of this knowledge usefull as well..

thanks for look'n

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Im glad to see im not the only one that was wondering about Loadstone. He seems to have one of the best and biggest personal flick collection of freights on flikr if not online. Its almost every fucking day he updates that shit.

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If you got the time, loadstone's freight collection is huge.. He uploads 20-30 pages a day, very impressive.. I've found a bunch of mine on their, just gotta be willing to search...I just smoke a pipe and begin searchin.....

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