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UK - Lists of fixed CCTV camera locations

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nice find, I used to work for the council in my old town and a guy I worked with also worked in the CCTV viewing room part time, he basically said you can get away with murder (literally) because they have about 3 people viewing all the cameras and they don't review the tapes unless the police or the local authority are requesting information for that time

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Yeah, I always figured they can't be everywhere at once. Although when it's like 3am and you're the only person about, makes sense they'd follow you, so it always makes me a bit wary.


With graff you're leaving evidence in the form of your bomb or whatever, so I imagine property owners or the council or whatever will wake up to it then review the tapes to see if they can get anything from it. I would anyway.


Fucking things are everywhere.


I was watching an old video 'bout TOX earlier, and he got clocked by CCTV, wearing a bandana and hood and shit to hide most of his face like most people but the eyes and whatnot were used against him and he got convicted. Made me think.


I gots a balaclava, but walking/riding around inthe early hours looking like a bank robber draws a bit too much attention in itself lol.

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