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how to be cool at the internet

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1. Make screen name.

2. Get banned.

3. Make new screen name.

4. Get banned.

5. Make new screen name.

6 Get banned.


Bonus points if you try and front and act hard on the internet, while simultaneously creating a new screen name every single day, and then spending all day long trying really hard to be funny. Try and talk about obscure things relating to hip-hop, but no one will give a shit about. Stalk a DJ that lives in Tennessee and threaten to fly there to fight him. Chicken out like a pussy when he invites you too. Try and be his friend. Fail at it.


Stay cool, cool guy.




Im glad someone else noticed the more i ignore this brain damaged retard the more needy he is for my attention and starts sucking my e dick left and right, every turn of a thread. No ignore button - i READ his dumb shit - then I IRL ignore, which seems to make him love me. I dont even neg the dude because i know in 8 hours he will have 2 tampons minimum and be banned. Dude really needs to be condemned, not because I care ( i dont give a fuck about dude on here... or anyone else for that matter) but because his 90+ psts a day on a daily banning new acct sets a fucked up presendent.



I just report his troll posts and hope someday mods realize how bad they are fucking the future of of this forum by letting him play yal like this.



But whatever canadafag, I got IRL IGNORE

You cant say shit i care about either way

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ignoring someone = make a thread about them?









i'm going to buy some shoes instead of trying to figure out the internet.



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i actually made the thread because I saw spitfire made THE EXACT SAME thread that got locked and mentioned me "the dj from TN he stalked"

See how I quoted spitfire? This is just a re-up of his original thread

I figured I should comment on it, so I QUOTED WHAT SPITFIRE WROTE and responded, more to spitfire than COS



So Yes, I still IRL ignore, but I just wanted to let spitfire know he hit the nail on the head since he was talking about me

Carry on

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