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Foie Gras

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the other day while googling a birthday present of duck liver for a user on 12oz whom i cant recall his name. i came across some disturbing assed shit.


though i own an animal that pisses on my floor and occasionaly leaves turds behind my tv i dont consider myself one of these left wing nutjob "animal lover's"


i do however respect all things breathing on the planet. and i do however find this process pretty fuckin lameoh.


i cant even remember the last time i made a thread but i dont really think this shit is kool and i had zero knowledge on the subject prior to reading this.




Paté de foie gras, translated from French, is simply "fatty liver." This so-called gourmet delicacy is the product of extreme animal cruelty.


Ducks and geese are forced-fed unnaturally large quantities of food through a metal tube that is shoved down their throats and into their stomachs two or three times each day. The extensive overfeeding causes their livers to become diseased. The livers become enlarged up to ten times their normal size, making it difficult for the birds to move comfortably and, for some, even walk.




The practice of force-feeding can cause painful bruising, lacerations, sores, and even organ rupture. On some foie gras factory farms, the birds are severely restricted inside small, filthy cages where they cannot even turn around or spread their wings.






basicly they take weird tubes and shove em down the throats of the ducks basicly face fucking em with the metal tubes in order to force feed them.


i guess what happens is the ducks get mad sick and the point is to get the livers as oversized and diseased as possible and get them to be on the brink of death. while they live. and keep getting force fed.




the shit looks gross, sounds gross and apparently the production of it is gross.


and personally i aint ever even gonna try this stuff.




this is a youtube link.


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i didnt make the thread to make your day hoe-mo's, i made the thread to make you aware of the shit.


and i did. shits gross.








and yer weird if you think otherwise



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50 is gunna kill you for this shit


What you have to wonder though is whos side will she take?


Before she was all about animal rights, then shes going to see this about the greatest thing thats ever happened to her...


Cant wait

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The way they make Foie Gras is shittY. I personally think that ducks are jerks, but not jerky enough to get abused like this.


Why?? For some fatty liver? Stupid actually, that one persons pain is another's pleasure.



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