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Cancer really sucks

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So a few months ago, my mom told me that one of her friends from

work son has been diagnosed with cancerous tumors. This kid is only

a bit younger then me and I used to attend a day camp with him when

I was younger. It really sucks because after this camp I never talked

to him even though we were friends. He was always a good kid and from

what I know never did anything wrong. Just a few days ago my mom told

me the doctor informed his mom that he only has 3 weeks to live at

the maximum. As of yesterday it has changed and the doctors believe

that he will only live till the end of the week. Its horrible this is happening

to him and he will only be turning 16 next week. As of recently the

tumors started/were already spreading and now left him not able to use

him arms and legs. He has lost some of his vision but can still somewhat

see. Through this whole thing his mother has told us that he is been

completely positive about his situation. I was kind of upset that his

mom hasn't told him yet that he only has about a week to live. I am sure

it would be extremely hard to tell him, but I think most people would

want to know or maybe do something before they pass. I am going to

visit him later today or tomorrow im just hoping everything goes well

while I am there. I wish I could have done something with him early like

I said I wanted to do, I feel like a asshole that I didn't now.

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It really isnt' that crazy.


Cancer comes in so many flavors. To find a "cure" is more so to find a specific fix for each one.


My grandmother is going through treatment right now for breast cancer. Luckily she is at MD Anderson, so her treatment is top in the world. But as an example, hers has not mestasticized so they don't have to treat multiple tumors. They are trying a protein inhibitor medication which blocks the growth and production of blood vessels to the tumor itself.


I remember seeing a NOVA episode on this type of treatment years ago. It is nice to finally see some headway being made with that type of R&D to actual use.


Basically, you can't cure cancer at large. You have to cure each cancer. And in some cases the different types that can arise from the spread of the tumors.

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i hear you man. when i was 17, my good friend was diagnosed with ewings sarcoma cancer

it was a rare on and originally only had a couple of weeks to live. he ended up living a year and half after that

it wasn't till we were almost 19 that he passed away. it was hard but i guess that's the way things happen

it sucks that people who are in jail for serial killing/rape/whatever are still alive while good people like him died from cancer



rip matt and good luck to your friend

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sorry to hear that..

i'm afraid of cancer..


i hear ya

but the irony is the more you worry about it, the worse it is for you

all you can do is live healthy & try to weigh the odds in your favour

at the risk of sounding like some tpwf yoga nut, those stomach-hurting belly laughs are apparently healthier for you than a lot of people realize


beltoleum, my condolances

ive had family members go down like this & it sucks

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Another Swayze thread? jk


Sorry man, I mean I dont know what to say.

My nephew is dealing with "C" as well.

It's pretty rough seeing this shit in person.

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