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This contest will be a tricky one as the Tag Body Spray ads are creeping in every now and then on 12oz..


so for this one you will have to click the ad and go into TAG RECORDS link...


In the video playing



1. What media company presents this video?

2. What is the last image seen at the end of the video?


First 15 people to do this get 2 months VIP, and if you have already a green name, we will add it onto your months.. no posting within this thread, they will not count! no time limit as everyone isnt getting this ad served and may take awhile...


fairly easy... tricky part is getting the ad to come back around in rotation.

and please no crying about how you been clicking on the ads, we appreciate it beyond belief because it shows you care, and all clicks count!! Showing support to our advertisers and 12oz. only makes us a stronger community and we all benefit from everyone helping out.. these contests are just an added bonus to make your day a bit different from the norm.. enjoy...



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