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Best rapper that died!!!!!!


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ODB was off the wall. Dude was also incredibly passionate about what he did. Biggie and Pun both ripped it as well. At the end of the day though I have to give Big L the title.


Say I'm following the pack if you want but I'll argue tooth and nail that it's true.

I personally don't like Big L. Matter of fact when it came to Children Of the Corn I was definitely more of a fan of Killa Cam and Murder Mase. Usually when I tell people this shit they're quick to throw out that corny ass Beavis and Butthead line, I don't know why because that shits not even good.


I really don't like ODB either, I think out of the entire Wu Tang he's probably the worst rapper of the group.

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I think there are other rappers who can tell stories better than L (Nas and Rae/Ghost come to mind) and could be considered "lyrically superior" for that. Then again that's not really what he was about. Big L just had the lightening quick flow and punchline after punchline down pat. No one has ever released any material that can compare when it comes to that criteria.


I think another aspect of his appeal has to do with the fact that he released relatively little official material and never blew up when it looked like he was poised to do so any minute before he died. All of the other dead greats had multiple albums under their belts and were signed to major labels. To me, Big L's untapped potential is what makes him the best.


As for the worst rapper out of Wu-Tang...I feel like the only 4 that hold their own round the clock (on both group and solo albums) are Ghost, Rae, Method, and GZA. Everyone else loses some steam on solo productions, although I would personally tip my hat to Masta Killa as most underrated member...

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