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everyday life tips and tricks

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Fold your cable in half.   Wrap it around 2-4 fingers depending on length of cable.  I use 4 fingers if it's a 20' long ethernet cable.   Put the looped end through abo

Getting the sense you may be more serious about this than I.  Truthfully I have 0 fucks to give on the matter because I try to live my bathrom game like a G:   Bose Noise Cancelling Crapper

How does the time of day matter?

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get yourself an ODB/flava flav. someone to emphasize the science and philosophy you are dropping.


or be an ODB/flava flav and shout philosophy and science that's dropping.


and draw mustaches.

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try jackin off with your left hand.

snort xanax.

shit in outher peoples pillowcase.


opposed to your own pillowcase?


If beezy is dropping by, and you're trying to get your issue, don't ruin it by leaving your super plunger 5000 out in plain sight. Clean the motherfucker while you're at it.



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one of the most important questions you can ask yourself is "what's in it for me?" Selfishness is not always a bad thing. it may help you avoid a lot of bullshit from people false flagging friendship and weigh the positive and negative of most situations.

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don't drink beer in bed, you'll probably spill it.


wear a condom when getting a lap dance, don't ruin your undies. (yet to try)


don't stress about stuff, you end up making it much worse, it all works out in the end.


don't drink wine after beer, unless you love terrible hangovers.


when you meet a girl, get her number asap. don't give yours. She doesn't usually call.


You are more attractive than you think you are...be confident, get those chicks.


pregame...always pregame, but never drink too fast. keep at a chill pace all night. always keep in the back of your mind not to embarrass yourself.


wake n bake, you're good all day.


waking up early is good for you, even though it sucks donkey balls. wake n bake fixes this.


hindsight is 20/20. you can mope about the past, or move on. moving on is better.


make lunch at home, cheaper than buying lunch at delis.


Always keep your distance from drama, especially at the workplace. no matter how juicy.


when camping, always bring a poncho.


everything in moderation.

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smoke pot everyday


but seriously..


hold the door open for people, then you have the right to be a dick and say "your welcome" if they don't say thanks


say hi to random girls on the street, it can start a conversation (you don't always have to be drunk)


if you've never done opiates.... don't start now


apparently there is a lot to life, but i'm still having trouble finding it!

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don't post your life on the internet

but seriously, don't do opiates ever. i mean ever. this should be stated in every post in this thread

take care of your feet. ask anyone who's ever been in the military.

loiter when possible

get a job, it builds character. even if you are mad ballin' dope slangin' rackin' all the shit, honest money is more rewarding.

save $25 a week. it adds up.

listen to your elders. even the crazy ones

travel. alot.

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