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NFL 2009 Superthread


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Yep...i was there...watching the Jags playoff hopes go down the fucking toilet...watching Peyton carve up our defense like a 5 star chef.


AND...once again...D.GARRARD has the game in his hands....and FUCKING BLOWS IT.


weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....i love football.

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this stupid bitch gave me my first "nega-prop" because i dont like her nancy ass football team. your a fucking looser... and im not even mad, i just think its so gay that you have so much team pride you go through giving me a red tac...


actually ihu, you are mad... clearly.


now go into the noise padded noise room where you can scream as loud as you need andf punch yourself in the face repedeadly.


also, try takig multiple head first runs into the walls.



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actually, unlike you im not full of shit talking out the side of my face all the time, if i say im not mad im not...i call a spade a spade and thats that, so quit trying to pick peoples words apart like you have any inclination as to what the fuck they are feeling or thinking.. your not the 12oz psychologist, mr funny man...

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you dont have cable? or am i assuming incorrectly that everyone that gets cable has NFL network...

also, if your in a local market (dallas or new orleans) isnt it on local channels... i know the one time the pats had NFL network game it was on a local channel because fans pitched a fit... being that NO is killing it what would fans with out cable do if they wanted to watch their team...

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