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MS Arctic Sea hijack

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Yeah, you conspiracy heads should take a look at this as this one is real.


The issue of nuclear is being thrown around a lot in connection with this ship.

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There's a few problems with that article.


The visit to Sochi by Peres was always going to happen and was announced well before the ship was hijacked.


Criminals don't have access to S-300s. That system is one of the world's leading anti air systems (another thing that the article gets wrong is that it is not Russia's most advanced systems, that would be the S400) and is tightly controlled by the Kremlin.


Lastly, supplying the system has been an issue between Israel and Russia (as well as the US). The deal is that Russia won't sell the S300 to Iran (which would then protect their nuke prog from an Israeli air strike) as long as Israel stops providing arms and training to Georgia and arms to Ukraine.


If Russia did allow the Iranians to get a hold of the S-300s the whole political-defense balance of the world right now would shift quite drastically. I doubt this would be the case.

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God Damn spambots! That's what you get for robot liberation !


Oh well...

Any concluding thoughts about the hijack? I think Russian military held the crew hostage for a mighty long time. Set them free, though, instead of sending them camping to gulag!

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