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Liquid eyeliner works, but if you really want to be old school, you heat up the liner with matches or a lighter so it writes smooth on your lid. No joke, mi chola madre taught me this. Nothing like warm liner to get that fresh cholita look.



Wet and Wild in 508 (cause it is only 99 cents)

with a black eyeliner your lip liner.

I remember when the white liner came out and started being popular...

Didn't agree with my classic chola upbringing.



Don't forget these.



Although the older cholitas used to rock these. You can get them in Chinatown for like 3 dollars. I still fucks with these.



and back in the day it was men's cologne, Eternity or Coolwater.

Cholas used to like smelling like dudes?



and lastly a peacock tattoo. Or a rose or cross will do.

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and back in the day it was men's cologne, Eternity or Coolwater.

Cholas used to like smelling like dudes?



I also remember cholos always smelled like sunflowers because they used Tres Flores to train their hair. Don't forget those little rubber hand combs from the gas station and some nylon stockings.



Cholos and cholas love to party as well. I remember going to house parties when I was a kid and listening to break beats with a bunch of gangsters. The first person I ever saw breakdancing was a cholo. I love that pop locking scene from the movie Colors.


Popping & Locking



Freestyle - The Party Has Just Begun

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Angel Baby - Rosie & The Originals


Always & Forever - Heat Wave


Always & Forever was my song with my childhood sweetheart circa 1994-1995. For real.




Friends of Distinction- Going in Circles



El Stylistics- Break up to Make-Up (I love how he mis-spelled it)


Gene Chandler- Duke of Earl


The Monotones- Who Wrote the Book of Love




I can go all day. These are my JAMS!

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