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Indecent Proposal... would you do it?

Would you ever swing?  

25 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you ever swing?

    • Yes, but not with this drugged out whore and her faggot fuck buddy
    • Yes, lower your standards you'll have more fun
    • No, wtf, your ghey for even asking this shit
    • No, they're gonna fucking rob your ass and kill you

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Ok here's the situation. I got an interesting response from a craigslist ad I posted. Let me back up... so I've found out that there's whores on craigslist. At least, it seems.


So I tried answering a few ads, only to find out they're usually just advertisements for "sex partner" websites. You know, those ads you see on porn sights about finding fuck buddies in your area.


If you're laughing at how lame I am, I understand. But I'll continue anyways.


So I decided, as a joke, to post one up for myself, just to see if any real girls responded. I was expecting a lot of fat chicks to email me back, lol. BBW is what they call themselves. But I figure I can get some trogg naked and drunk and dancing - suck me off - then make me dinner. Sounded like a decent plan at the time.


Ok, now I got this in my email today:





So, would you? I realize that by posting this I might get a lot of "ZOMG YOUR FUCKING GHEY" responses, and that's ok thats why it's a poll option. I'm not gay, I love the pussy...


I never thought I'd even be in a position to be considering this, but here we are. I share this with you. Discuss.

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delete the email and never look back....or else...



































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I'mma break this down how I see it.


1. They like to smoke meth and fuck.

2. The dude is bisexual, or close enough (I don't think there is any such thing, I in fact think its a fancy way for a guy to just say he's gay without being forward but that's another argument entirely).

3. Those pictures look like they are probably ripped off an amatuer porn site.


Best case scenario: that is her, you get your rocks off, and he slips you a finger or four. NH.


Worst case scenario: you get raped by a pair of dudes, and summarily receive AIDs.

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solidified water put into drinks too keep them cool?:)


I was thinking something having to do with certain smokeable stimulant drugs associated with "bi-curious" guys....I mean, just throwing the "bi-curious" and "mostly straight" qualifiers in there like it's no big deal is a pretty big sign.


So, if you're feeling really adventurous and/or desperate, expect to be on the business end of a m2m buttgrab and possibly a ball fondle while you're setting up for that DP.


Something about this just seems sleazy and fucked up.

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dont reply to ads that ask for party favors...


or tina.



thats because party favors is code for root beer and tina is code for chocolate cake.

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Guest 50million

those pics look fake....like they were from a porn

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The simple fact that you made this thread means you want/should do it and report back what went down.

This could be epic.

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lugr, chubbs and miley cyrus think i should go for it


shai thinks i'll get a reach around i wasnt expecting


cali thinks i'll get raped


and 50 thinks this is a setup too.




















have any of you actually ever had anything more than 1 on 1 sex? any advice?


my boy would joke about shit like this and say "High fives are ok man, but no googley eyes! I mean it!"


i figure thats a good rule of thumb.

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I'm not saying "don't do it", it's your life...but chances are good that these two will be twacked out of their gourds and wanting to try shit you might not be comfortable with.


Again with the qualifiers...the fact that they say you won't be asked to do anything too weird is all bad. They probably think reverse psychology works in these situations.

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