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first hipster street art, now hippie nature art (vise versa?)

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"the peace rockers"






anonymously promoting the peace The original Peace Rockers are four long-time Ocean Beach residents who drive, bike, run and walk daily along this spectacular stretch of Sunset Cliffs. They seek no personal attention for this endeavor, and have no statements for the media or the public other than what is set forth here and, more importantly, what they have expressed through the artwork.


the artist The sign was designed by a prominent San Diego artisan using translucent glass. The goal was to make the piece “organic” to the surroundings, as if it had sprung from the ocean, part abalone shell, part seaweed, part water, part sky. Mostly, it was intended to reflect whatever peaceful insights and wishes each viewer projected upon it.

















saw a piece on them on the local news tonight. i guess they do this shit in the middle of the night using kayaks to get to these cliffs. those waters are pretty rugged too and the sculpture cant be light. crazy hippies.

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Fuck I hate hippies.


Yeah, a COPE2 fill on the side of that rock would have been so sick.

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Pretty dumb, I'd imagine most people don't want to see man made shit popping up around there.

But if it's illegal, and causes more people to hate hippies I guess it's kind of cool.

Personally I think it would look better with more arrows thrown in.

Maybee some shout outs to Jerry Garcia and the gd krew.

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Hippies have been painting on the street with brushes and doing other stuff since the 60's ,

way befor trendy douchebag hipsters. But this shit seems really fuckin stupid.

I mean if you promote peace, nature and things being organic, then why the fuck ruin a beautiful view of the ocean with those obnoxious fucking peace sign?

way too fail at what your standing up for.

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How come these hippies can go erect their sculptures on pristine landscapes and I'm supposed to feel all peaceful? Fuckin' litter bugs! Tell your wife to shave her pits!

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