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Smoke Mad Bruntz Appreciation Thread

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I'm a bit of a blunt afficianado. I put mad work in my blunt game and it pays dividends. Best compliments I have ever received, "You're blunts hit too hard *COUGH COUGH*" tied with "You rolled that? It looks like it came out of the package!" Maybe I'm the only one, but I take pride in my blunt rolling skills.


I'm starting this thread to pay homage to my dear friend, the blunt...


Ok first picture, I got inspiration for this thread because the arab at the store just gave me this (not my picture, looks like someone else got the hookup too):



Phillie Blunt Adidas Superstars - what more can I say?



Mark Twain, probably lighting up a Phillie...



Some people say it's a waste of good herb but I digress...



Black people roll blunts too fast in the hood so you end up with this sloppy bullshit



This was probably machine rolled, so no props here but it looks good:


probably using one of these



I'm old school, I don't cheat the shit. Split it, fill it, twist it, light it.


ends up lookin a little like this...




.... because i was high..... discuss

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blunts are bad for you.. ask my homie who smokes nothing but blunts and has been since high school. he coughs up colored shit and doesnt wanna see a doctor. its cool every little while but not all day everyday.. especially if you are grown

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Hello fellow vagrants. Would anyone like to partake in a session of illegal activities that include vandalism, the smoking of cannabis, and many other sorts.









Sorry lean forward more and speak into my chest, I cant hear you.


























































And my partner across the street in the van cant either.

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u cant go to jail for posting pictures on an internet site. mods will close this if they want.


^^^^^ edit: unless it's CP - everything else is ok i believe

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