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Damn... niggas be buffin legal walls and shit.

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City Removes Vick-Choking-Puppy Mural


By Teresa Masterson


updated 1 hour, 2 minutes ago


As if drenching people with beer and punching them out for no reason wasn’t enough to class up Philly’s already-shining sports reputation this summer, a local tire shop displayed a mural of new-to-the-Eagles Michael Vick killing a dog. The dog was wearing a Cowboys jersey.


A photo of the mural was first spotted by the700level.com on flickr. The title of the photo was “die puppies die,” a play on the Eagles fight song “Fly Eagles Fly.”


The painting, which clearly approves of Vick’s violent past as long as it helps the Eagles’ future, was displayed on the side of the Kensington shop "Tire 'R' Us" located on York Street, between American and 2nd Thursday.


By Friday morning the city had painted over the mural.


The city’s “graffiti abatement team” removed the painting because there was no permit for the mural, said Andrew Stober in the mayor’s office of transportation and utilities. Permits are needed for murals on any buildings in the city, he said.


The manager of the building gave the “OK” to paint over the mural, said Stober, but Stober would not comment on who put it up or if there were any complaints about it.


We’re hoping the rest of the country doesn’t see this as a representation of all Philly sports fans. For starters, most of us wouldn't name our shop "Tire 'R' Us."

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Shit happens in L.A. all the time. Except they use the term "excessive signage" as a way to make businesses cover that shit. Complete fucking bullshit. City would rather see ugly beige walls covered in gang graffiti than a mural. A lot of spots use murals as a way to keep gangs from constantly marking their territory. Also it keeps the gangs from threatening the lives of the owners when they buff the tags.


/endrant that nothing really to do with this..

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im seeing some people out here biting philly handstyles...pretty wack if you ask me....if you aint from philly, dont try to do philly hands.

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