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Sons of Anarchy

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how about tara?


in real life, yeah probably, but i dont find her super attractive or anything like that.



tigs daughter getting railed by the black dude though, she was hot

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I'm a huge Miami Vice fan, and tonight's arms deal was either a nod, or a total bite of:

Miami Vice - Season 3, Episode 1

"When Irish Eyes Are Crying"



Liam Neeson is part of the IRA

There is an arms deal where the dealer in a show of power to prove his stinger missiles work to Tubbs (uncover buyer)

blows up Sonny's (middleman) Ferrari Daytona



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This show is nothing but a comedy to me now. Gemma! What a dumb fucking biker whore! Nuff said!. This bitch has got to be the dumbest broad out there. Yeah it's a tv, and every major show has to have a whorish women who is a bitch and is stupid.(See Walking Dead, Homeland, Breaking Bad) I mean come on. Weed? Oh man I was so stoned I drifted off the edge of a cliff. Fucking Hollywood? Are you serious. Only a dumb women could do something like that, this bitch was acting like she was on heroin.


Secondly, the music. OMG! How fucking corny is the music they play. Especially the scenes where there in a car/bike chase, or they're tracking down someone/guns blazing. What the fuck is that shit. It's so fucking bad I just sit up and get a confused look on my face, then slowly start to laugh hysterically."You got to be shitting me" usually follows. The music is so fucking corny, you can only imagine its some dumb white dude whose been listening to dave matthews his whole life, who just got the job, and google."Bad ass california rap", then edited some fucking awful mix into the show. I mean the shit is god awful, next to ICP. Then at the end of the show, they go " For the music that was played tonight, go to Itunes.com/sonsofanarchy to purchase!" - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Fuck you should be paying me for hearing that garbage.


On another note, The acting that "Jacks" is doing..... Jesus. I can just picture a bunch of cornballs trying to act like him a bar, getting into bar fights at Applebees. Fucking shit.SEE HERE (

)I'm sorry for all the "Fans" out there, but this show sucks. It's breeding, what I'm guessing, is the next generation of douchebag bikers. Granted there are selected few, who are in fact "bad ass?". Still the way they portray biker gangs is fucking ridiculous. Let's meet at this inconspicuous lot, and set our bikes up all nice like, and meet some black gangster in a Rolls Royce? Get out of here. Hollywood, you are trying way to hard.


I'm just venting. I'll still watch the show, only for comedic purposes. Thats all it is now, with the acting of these guys who are in this "brotherhood". God it's so corny. The music doesn't help, and so does the fucking middle aged women being tough too. Christ go join a roller derby team!


Let me prove a point by posting these fan videos. (Note the music)






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This is, what I'm sure to be, one of the many fans of SOA, who did a review.....


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