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Halloween Costume Thread (too early?)


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The Vnasty costume would have worked if you weren't um... A dude? Winged eyeliner, half shaved head, new era hat, hoop earrings wigger speak throught the night. Then again does that count as a costume? It seems so half assed.


I didn't do shit this year. Usually I dress like a whore, get belligerent drunk and throw up in someone's sink. I did go to a little Halloween party with my daughter at my in-laws house.

Husband and I dressed as Bert and Ernie. Pics once the family sends them.

My kid was a duck.


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I went as V-Nasty de la White Girl Mob[/color]





Made that shirt n chain piece too.. Pulling hoes with that setup.


Pulling hoes with that setup.

pics or it never happened



For real though I know this is DAO's job but you are lookin mighty frail. And TELL me that V for Vendetta mask is just a wall ornament that fell down.


Warning will cause severe SWAG. Second hand embarrassment through the roof of my shitty community college.


You look like an asian that got surgery to be white that got surgery to be a boy.


haha this is why people quit oontz, next boost right here, got any sweet tattoos?!


and also, what do you normally wear? if that is a costume

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Guess I didn't really pull em then dude... CAUGHT ME BRAH!




Ya'll niggas is serious bizzzzzzz tho.... Hahah I'm trying to fuck around n bullshit. Drunk ain't a problem. Smoke ain't a problem. Shit I'll dabble in a couple beans or so.



But lemme move on out to Cape Town cuz 12oz bullying is too hot right now



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