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I Think Animals Are Cool As Well As The A.L.F.

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and free speech on the internet.


Shit talkin on this? Come on are you really that fucked up?




The stupid internets police will probably try and track me to put on their terrorist files because of this and my location doesnt help...


i prefer no criticism or arguments over this being why i am posting it here in channel zip so if you got any positive to post to us who are interested please do.


New freedom vid links, pending trials or whatevs post here.

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maybe Britches story will help shed some light






peta is a bad example for animal rights, yes they will defend you and throw down money to pull off an act i have seen it personally with friends of mine.


anyways this thread is not about peta


nobody is perfect its just about awareness really.

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the last scene had a tiger...

when you liberate a tiger, how do you make sure it doesnt liberate your arm?


...cant get the first scene of 28 days later out of my head.

i have a friend who is vegetarian for ethical reasosn, yet works at the university's cancer research lab giving mice cancer. people confuse me.


i picked up an EWOK zine the other day pretty interesting stuff.

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I can not handle anything on youtube until later in the day.


I went to high school with a kid who got down with alf type stuff and did some things that got him in trouble with the law. I do not think his decisions were wise.


With elf and alf I can relate to some of the elf stuff. But the man can always buy another trackhoe so some of the tactics seem counterproductive to me.


I say struggle to help humans by working toward a better society. ALF fools seem to dislike the human species and I can relate to that but at the same time most of my best friends happen to be human.

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Animals are cool. Well, except the cat which is tearing ass around the house and yowling for no reason. But I digress.


Before they do all these "good deeds", groups like ALF, ELF and Earth First have agendas. I've met people affiliated with them, and overall I don't agree with what they do. Over the long term their actions have been more counterproductive than effective....one example is that the testing labs have reacted to ALF actions by becoming fortresses that rely on total secrecy when there should be transparency. Another example is when animal rights groups have demos now, there's always a ridiculous police presence...then someone always gets their ass kicked for no reason and charged with a bunch of bullshit.


If you don't like animal testing, do some reading and try not to buy products from companies that support it. If you want to go one step further, write to them and say "I used __________ for years, but I can't support you with a clear conscience because you test on animals so I'm switching to _____________."

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I have no problem with testing on animals for drugs and stuff that actually may benefit mankind, cures for cancer etc, I disagree with them testing make up and shit on animals, mainly because I find sexy chimps disturbing


I fucking hate animal cruelty though, when someone beats an animal and abuses it then they deserve the same done in return


I am a meat eater and will never change, If I had to I would have no problem killing an animal in order to eat it.

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its fun being an "eco-terrorist" but it comes with a HEAVY price. i know of a certain plant that was moving into our town and a certain group of people decided to do something and they got put away for a while. and that was in a tiny town in washington, imagine what would happen if you blew up a steamroller in a big city...

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If you have a problem with medical animal research your dumb ass better start boycotting pretty much every vaccene out and stay away from modern medical breaKthroughs that improve the health am well being of society.


Ob yeah and don't complain when your mommy dies of cancer... Hippie faggots

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