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What's happening Los Angeles?

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good question, they should pay some homeless folk to keep the place swept up a little bit, i've been to a couple skate parks where they had deals like that set up with local homeless people. dudes would come in at the end of the night and clean the place up and they'd hook them up with food and some money.


but now that i think about it those were more privately owned parks, not so much a city park.

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That looks bigger than Temecula. The big question is, how are they going to keep the sand out of the bowls?


maintenance douches with leaf blowers once or twice a week same as any other park. shitty thing is, being that it's LA, the helmet patrols will be retarded and it'll be buzzkill central

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By the way, is there some rule that only mexicans ride the bus in LA?


basically everywhere in california (except san francisco) the bus is only for poor people. for a long time i was using the bus to get around and people i work with were freaked out. they're scared shitless to ride the bus cos it's full of scary brown people

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dude seriously negapropped me for that video, to protect LA's feelings? haha.

its called satire.

if you actually watch the video its showing all the good things about LA.

thats what makes it funny.

that and alot of cursing.



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By the way, is there some rule that only mexicans ride the bus in LA?


The funny thing is if you live in a more centralized area of LA where it is more expensive and public transportation is easily accessible, you most likely own a car. Most people that depend on the bus don’t live in new downtown lofts or own a house in Hollywood Hills. They live far from that.


While minorities are riding the shitty bus to work, the more affluent side is living it up and driving BMWs to work. Some of the yuppiest places in Los Angeles and Orange County have Spanish names (Aliso Viejo, Rancho Palos Verdes, etc). While a lot of not so affluent neighborhoods have non-threatening English names (remember that Hawaiian Gardens gangster story?)


I don’t really know too many people that grew up in Los Angeles that don’t drive. A lot of those Silverlake and Echo Park hipsters that migrated here from the Midwest ride bikes or use public transportation. It makes sense since they are conveniently located between downtown and Hollywood.


Nobody wants to hang out with someone that doesn’t drive, or else you’ll always be their designated driver! Good friends let friends be the sloppy drunk once in a while.



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