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Police reports

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I read these whenever I get a chance, here are some of my favorites:




Harassment. A man in the 11100 block of Sunset Trail N. called police to report an ongoing dispute with his neighbor. He said the neighbor keeps giving him the finger. The neighbor denied giving him the finger and said he was just waving hello.




Suspicious activity. Police received a call about two men dressed in camouflage walking in the area of Hamel Road and Elm Creek Drive. Officers located the men. They were National Guard members training for an upcoming deployment.


MAY 26


Vandalism. Someone placed a dead raccoon in the trunk of a vehicle on the 8400 block of Pioneer Creek Road.




Disturbing the peace. Police responded to a call at 1:46 a.m. on the 7800 block of Maple Hill Road. There was a loud tractor plowing a field and the caller could not sleep. The officer could see that the farmer was nearly done plowing the field but was unable to get the farmer's attention.




Property damage. A man called police to report someone has been throwing toilet paper in his yard on the 11900 block of 44th Place N. and leaving human feces in a plastic bag hanging on his front door.





12:59 PM Disturbing the peace. An elderly woman called police to report a noise complaint on the 8300 block of University Avenue NE. She said her upstairs neighbors are having sex all the time and they make too much noise while walking above her. She was advised to talk to the building management.


DEC. 23


Property damage. A man from the 12000 block of Oak Park Boulevard NE. called police because someone knocked the head off of the snowman he made this year. He said this happens every year. The police report noted the snowman was made of snow.


DEC. 17


Property damage. Someone reported graffiti on the back of a stop sign at Upper 26th Street N. and Elmo Avenue. Police found that a penis had been drawn with a permanent marker.


FEB. 11


A resident of Highland Road complained that there was a bright light shining from across the lake that was ruining the mood in his den. An officer explained that the light -- a yard light -- did not violate any law.




Property damage. Someone put dog feces in the mailbox at a home on the 12800 block of 54th Avenue.




Disorderly conduct. Police were called to the 7300 block of University Avenue NE., where two adult brothers were fighting over a McDonald's double cheeseburger. The brothers agreed to separate until they can get along.

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Guest spectr

haha some of this are actually pretty fucking funny. I read these things in the local paper all the time. I do have to wonder how many times I have made this list and never known about it because I was either in jail when it was printed or just didn't look that week.

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Four shots to the chest, My niggas get at me

They don' fucked around and fucked up my new white tee

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