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Abs and the Art of Cholo Illustrations & References

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I am currently searching the "no money down" internet market for cholo ebooks, tattoo flash sets and cholo graffiti publications of the likes from people such as...


Steve Soto















Or Chaz Bojorquez




Or anyone else you think of of that nature having a cholo background, sorry no Mike Giant will be tolerated within this request.

If you can help, please.... Im looking for torrents or free downloads. shit, if you got somethin maybe we can work out a trade.


-Abs :mexican:

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We got tons of Steve Soto books at work, alotta cholo stuff too, i'll see if we have any on disks tomorrow.


awesome... if you ever in the mood to scan the books or whatever if no disks are available i will be :)

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There used to be magazines devoted to the cholo art thing. I had one in middle school and remember drawing roses and chains and shit like that to match the style.


I used the restroom at the Regional Justice Center in Kent WA recently when I was down there for trial and looking for a bathroom outside of the security check point. Along the walls they had art done by inmates and I was impressed be the sculpture made out of the bars of soap.


I wish I had some images to add to this thread because I think that this is a important part of what makes up the kind of art I like to look at.


There is a video called Graffiti Verite that has a interview with Chaz that is not too bad. I had it on VHS but lost it in a move.

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This right hurr mi carnal^^^


Chicano is in my blood ese, vatos locos por vida!!


Yeah, I'm being serious, not a smartass. I got alot of homies and families of homies who have a ton of sick shit done with bic pens on envelopes, paper, cloth etc...that is right in this vein of art style from fools in the joint.

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