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Originally posted by RichardPryor

Eruptoes old shit was nothin to get all worked up about either. Unless your easily impressed,

which is the majority of this Board. He's up a little bit though.


the man is hella up. here in sf, seattle, up and down the west coast. i seen him up in reno, boulder, denver, kc, stl, and many points inbetween... but i guess you are intitled to be a fool if you want to.


p.s. onorok?

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All I have to say is that Erupto puts in the work. I have seen quite a few of his trains when out benching, I would put some flicks up but it would appear that I have become one of those poor college students you hear people talk about and cant get film developed.

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without erupto id still be wondering if it was worth walking through yards in the NW for flicks, you can catch a2m and kyt stuff but nothing hits like eruptos trains, whether new or old they have always came with a next level style that seems to be pushing the envelope in graffiti...he had more flow than most writers do now days 4 years ago, and now reas wagon or not erupto has took the style 1 step higher and made it look like it has mad style instead of just a quick bright throwed peice...i dunno why im talking but yeah, erupto

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Guest L.RonHubbard

GENIUS>>>>>THE MAN IS A MENACE!!!!!!!!!!! in the words of judge SMAILS from CADDYSHACK when hes reffering to rodney dangerfield brakin a window witha stray golf ball

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Guest 5th wheel

met him paintin once...he took everyones scrap cans and did his thing...one of the nicest guys ive met..down to earth...heck...he tagged by skateboard...and just about every dumster in kc....i cant go to the yard withouth catchin something of his..be it a full car (with SEONE which i caught couple days ago....) or down to a tinsy little white out tag......he's just got it in em.....how bout some more...please!?

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