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Rest In Power... CRUDE OIL..

King Ku

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Damn Bernie!!!!

It was graffiti that brought us together nearly 15 years ago but it was your

friendship that kept us close. Beyond you having the best handstyle in the game

you were the homie, you were my friend.

I was out doing your fill ins last night and I know you were laughing at me. Not

for struggling to do it but for walking threw the hood crying. Cause i already know

you were saying "look at this cracka crying in the hood" :p


From the Magnolia Projects to Little Havana , you are an Original Hot Boy!!!

Love ya Bernie Perez


Harsh Flavor Savers Evil People



sorry about the grammar errors, that was the hardest thing i ever typed

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DZ couldnt have put it any better ...

OiL was a true G never folded..

Remember at the pro am on south beach when like 15 heads where about to rush him he still stood there told them niggas wuts up clocked one and split then the homies came and caught his back and them niggas split.... I forgot what crew it was...


Hahaha.....I remeber this, we were walking threw the pro-am and Bernie's like i think

there is a few people here I have beef with. I was like its straight I got your back. Not even

3 seconds later we are rushed by what felt like the whole pro-am but it was like 15 dudes.

i remember Bernie clocking the first dude square in the face and I new it was on. We scrapped

for a few seconds and the rest of our crew showed up and those pussies ran away.


I remember which crew it was but those toys will remain nameless.

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I cant believe this. Oiler was one of the first dudes i saw up when i just started writing graffiti. He was a king of florida and beyond. I was looking forward to meeting the king one day now to hear of this passing is really depressing. had a a big influence on my work and will continue to inspire me. a king among kings. rest in peace King Crude Oils EP WH COD

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12ozProphet is looking to get an online memorial gallery together for Bernie.


We're looking for photos of his work (paint, ink or otherwise), as well as shots of him (action or hanging). The best contributions will be included in a permanent online memorial for his friends and family to enjoy. Please share any shots you have that you feel best represent Bernie and what he stood for. Also, please forward this message along to any people you might know that has shots of him and his work.


Please read the required spec below carefully...


- photos need to be a minimum of 1008px wide and a minimum of 646px high. (not necessarily those exact dimensions, but at least those sizes minimum)

- resolution should be 72dpi if you followed the minimum size above.

- format should be jpg, png, or tif.

- include as much detail about the photo as possible: photo credit, date, location, and sentence or two description.


email to: webmaster@12ozprophet.com with 'OIL - RIP' in the subject. If the file or combined total of files being contributed is larger than 1.5mb, please send via a free file transfer service like http://www.yousendit.com


We'll email you back when we have things together. All photos will be credited.


Please repost this (quote) anytime this thread rolls over to a new page.


Thanks. I'm sure Bernie would appreciate everyone coming together for him like this.


Crudest Oil - RIP.



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There is no one like you, and there never will be. I have so many memories, that posting one just isn't enough. But the time I think that really made us laugh was the night we went out and bombed that place near the strip club. the cop in his car freaking me out and he was just doing paperwork.. going to huddle house late at night at getting you a blt with no mayo and watching you do watercolor. going to shows and watching you walk around the pit like you didnt give a fuck. holding your hand and watching chappelles show and cracking up. ay okey and gucci mane. you drinking heineken and me with my bud light. our roadtrip to jacksonville, nc and getting somewhat lost. you kicking ass at pool.. cliff bars, your smile.. i will never love any tattoo more than the ones you put on me. having your tag on me will always put a smile to my face. you will always have my heart. I will never forget the things you told me and I will never tell a soul what is between you and me. I honestly don't know how to go on without you. But your last day you told me something I will take with me forever, and hugging you goodbye will always stay with me. You are my rock and I will love you for all my life. I will see you soon, and we are going to party it up. I'll bring the Heineken. and the blts. <3 I love you.[[/[/b]B]IMG]http://i598.photobucket.com/albums/tt65/jess_sauce/2009-07-11012128.jpg?t=1250050628[/img]l_19da422337e141fa94ac90b5be0d5436.jpg?t=1250050964[/img]2009-07-12174017.jpg?t=1250051072[/img][/img]2009-07-11012144.jpg?t=12500513212009-08-06142225-1.jpg?t=1250051356l_89c0fe69ddd048caab6e3faf61872db2.jpg?t=12500513892009-07-17221706.jpg?t=12500515172009-07-27044835.jpg?t=1250051535

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id do anything for you and thats what i said.


..from yellowman and bob..to kool & the gang playing 'get down on it'.. each song i hear is like your playlist in yet.. another tattoo sitting. much respect sweetboy! so blessed to know you!

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everymorning i keep waking up and realize this is no dream.i havent been able to look at this thread for more than a minute without breaking down. bernie saw something in me and my friends no one else could see at the time. before any politics were ever involved bernie was the most str8 up guy i had ever met. bernie changed my fucking life . i remember the first time meeting him. me and crons had been painting the night before and i went to take flicks. right down the street from where we did our fills over some toys bernie had gone and done a silver over some beef of his at the time. i wigged out and was amazed at the fact that this guy went out in our vicinity and didnt wait to catch us or rob a brand new fill off our garbage at the time. i snap flicks of our work and his and the next thing i know im on the 836 getting a call from a girl saying shes at a tattoo shop with some guy who calls himself oil and he wants to meet me. i didnt know what the fuck was going on. did this guy follow me watch me paint and then find my girl to tell her to bring me to him? was he going to beat me down or tell me i wasnt allowed to write my name anymore? the stories i grew up hearing about bernie had me scared and somewhat confused but i knew i had to go step up. i get to the shop and this guy comes out and gives me love like we had known each other for decades. bernie and i had no affiliation with letters and for all i was worth at the time he could have ended my career that day. but instead he jumped in with the homies and we ended up on a week long party with old and new friends enjoying eachothers company. from that day on my life was never the same. we didnt need to paint to be down, this guy was about being down then going and wrecking. not about wrecking and then hoping we can chill and get along.if we were chilling i felt on top of the world, if we were painting i felt on top of the world.if my letters came out like complete boof bernie would be like but yo p u handled that color scheme like no other. there was always a positive note to end on with bernie. bernie was in the handful of people i could call a close personal friend. and his legacy will forever continue to change my outlook on this world every fucking day. i really wish i never had to write this but i miss you bernie. my life and many others that followed will never be the same.


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