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hey 12oz


So I'm looking into taking a trip to Chicago. I have already looked into Cubs and White Sox games. Now I'm just wondering what else I should check out if I do make the trip.

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check out the beans. they move around on teh shelves of supermarket stores like coordinated dance. la rumba. beans man.. beans

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actually yeah do that. go buy a kanye west album at some chicago record store. that would be funny. take pictures of you doing it too so the people that work there think your weird.

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my nigga gat bush already said it


Various Middle Eastern shits.


Anyways, I'm bored and feeling generous so I'll hook you up with some helpful info. Normally I would just contribute a stupid little quip, but like I said, generous.


So here goes:


Hot Dogs. Eat some fucking hot dogs. You have:


Hot Doug's, only open a few hours a day, has gourmet deliciousness packed into every little itty bitty bite. Highly recommends.


Budacki's--great dogs, been going there since I was a kid.


Byron's--they have a bunch all over the city. Get your variety in.


Pizza: Gigio's In Uptown. Get served greasy deliciousness by an extremely obese white trash lady. Ignore crackheads and yuppies. Rea$onably priced.


Lou Malnati's A slight bit more expensive, but worth every fucking penny. A little different than traditional deepdish, but they're so good they have a service where they ship their frozen pizza worldwide.


Pequod's Somewhere in between regular and deepdish pizza. But affordable and badass. All the delivery drivers used to sell some killer weed, bro. They probably don't anymore, tho.


Cool Shops: Wilson Yards Skateboard shop where you can buy limited graff gear. I assume you know that sale of spraypaint has been banned in Chicago since the early/mid 90s.


Novem Store They sell cool screen printed shirts, street gear, etc. Check em out, they're some righteous fellows.


Fun: Oak Street Beach. Lake Michigan can be a blast in the summer, if you don't mind a bit of fishy stink and uber yuppies. The lakeside path is a pleasant walk.


If your young and hip, you're probably going to want to chill in the Wicker Park area. There are bars, hipster girls and douche dudes, and some cool stores. I recommend Estelle's. It's a 4am bar (one of few) and they play alright music. Don't use fake IDs there, though. Rodan is pretty cool, too. There are a few bars outside of that area, and Humboldt Park and Logan Square are worth checking out, too.


If you're white (I'm assuming you are) you may want to stick on the North Side, you'll enjoy neeighborhoods like Lincoln Park, Wrigleyville, Downtown, West Loop, Gold Coast. If you're feeling adventurous, make the trip to the South Side (anything S. of Madison Ave) Pilsen, Bridgeport Chinatown will be fine for you. Just be wary outside of those areas down there. Black people will rob you. And for peat's sake, don't cock your hat.


Fair warning: There are a shit-ton of Chicago Police in the summer in the Chi, due to gangbangers and general outlandishness, and they will notice a white person in a ghetto neighborhood and they will not hesitate to stop and search you. Also, there is a HEAVY buffing system in Chicago, so it's likely that none of your graffiti will last very long. Food for thought. Go out and find someplace to do graffiti that will last (you have to look for 'em).


Last but not least, I hope you appreciate this brief info, and if you are in fact a cop, go fuck yourself.


You're welcome.

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Fuck the Cubs

Sox bebe

But I would go to Wrigley just to hit on hot ass college bitches that dont know a fucking thing about Baseball

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