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Miley Cyrus

its 3 am

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Theo stop being a fucking troll.



I've never slept well the night before court. If you start drinking coffee my recommendation is to never stop drinking until it's over to hold off the brutal display caffeine withdrawal. The stand is no place for uncontrollable agitated outbursts, followed abruptly by a powerful lust for sleep which will make you nod like a methadone addict.

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last time i had to go to court, there was a guy in a orange jumpsuit, locked in a thick transparent plastic box with holes sitting at the front, tucked to the side


dude probably went hannibal on faces & spat hiv at people


the judge probably has made a decision by this time, but good luck anyway, court sucks

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I have to go to court every couple of months for Restitution & Progress reports. Last time, I was 100 percent sure I was going to get remanded and sent back to Rita, as I hadn't made a payment in a few months and was flat broke. So the night before I went out to the bars and attempted to drink my problems into oblivion. Every body is buying me drinks and trying to ease my nerves...


I ended up doing a bunch of really good molly and getting shitfaced. Being shitfaced was cool, but the MDMA was a ba-ad idea. You ever been to superior court on molly? I doubt many people ever have. Well, the judge calls me up and gives me a stern lecture. He then asks me to explain my situation. I had a heart to heart with him and looked him right in the fucking eyes with pupils the size of dimes and a severely clenched jaw.


He knew something was up, yet sent me on my way with nothing more then a scolding. I ran out of that fucking place so quick. Gotta go back again August 21'st. This time I handlez biz.


Felony probation is a trap.

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ive had to go to court so many times and i hate it so very much that

it almost prevents me from committing crimes.

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