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times new roman

jogging the ballast

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...or in better hopes catch'er parked!


industrial northeast bench report, slightly edited to minimize spam. circa7/09


before pictures, a short blurb:

so perhaps naively i am entrusting that my contributions to metalheads will NOT encourage people that are inexperienced with painting trains, train riding, or hobo culture to attempt to "diy" any of these aforementioned activities. not only is it dangerous, but more importantly the risk you place on the people that have committed to acquiring the resources and knowledge to paint, ride, and coexist with the railroad is far too great. far to great a risk, that is, for any person that holds a coherent affinity towards train culture to allow irresponsibles into yards or around trains.


**on a related note and this is a rant disclaimer: (my egotism leads me to believe i have something to offer and in the following blurb i express personal opinions not authoritative information)**

TO THE EXPERIENCED: if you are not policing your spots hard enough yet START. toys should not be painting on trains. noobs should not be riding trains blind. HOWEVER, if you know someone who is a (respectful)toy and shows legitimate interest in trains and train culture... do us all a favor and inform them enough to not blow up spots, enough for them to not embarrass themselves painting on trains, teach them to respect trains, and train culture(ie. not covering legit names, not painting nicer cars, not painting too much in one spot, cleaning up spots), show them the panels and the types of trains in your area that are OK to hit. make sure they arent hitting rare panels or reefers... there is a whooooole shitload of terrible graffiti on the rails lately. its no ones fault but our own. if we all do our part maybe we can improve it.


TO GRAF NEWBIES or BEGINNER RAIL FANS: do yourselves a favor and stick to walls (preferably out of sight) and books. but, IF you understand that there is a good chance you might get beat, robbed and embarrassed or arrested (if you paint on trains or in yards) and you still are intrigued enough to trespass into our culture, PLEASE, inform yourself. study these threads, the internet (for better or worse) has so much information to learn from, BUT better than any information you'll find in books or online is second hand info, find some respectable locals and hope they are nice enough to tell you what not to do... and maybe(if youre lucky) what to do. be respectful and understand that YOU ARE BELOW THEM. you want something (definitely knowledge, maybe friendship) and they have what you want, so treat the relationship with care. LISTEN, learn the ropes, get painting decent stuff, enforce the law if necessary, clean up... understand there IS A HIERARCHY and maybe you will succeed in earning respect... whatever you do DO NOT TRY TO DO THIS SHIT ON YOUR OWN.(trust me) thats how you fuck up. heat spots, and make enemies... doing this will get you nowhere.


i realize approaching these issue's publicly is touchy ground, after letting this brew for a while i've finally decided that taking advantage of this forum to spew some intellect on a subject that at face value seems intellectually bleak can't really be a bad idea..to those of you that i've offended by stealing your attention.. i apologize... to those of you that might have gotten a laugh out of reading this... get over yourself.


stay real, stay safe.






















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you look like you're posted up in some bushes ready to jump out and get the flicks.

good psting no bs.






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