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Cosmic Blast

RIP:Eddie "Saser" O'Halloran.Old School Yonkers, NY

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I received some really sad news last night. A friend that wrote Sase, aka Saser passed away suddenly on Friday.


Eddie was a very genuine, and likeable guy. He really had a huge heart. I met him about 5 years ago, and since then we kept in touch. Shooting emails to pass the time at work, catching lunch here, and there, etc. He was the type of guy that never had anything bad to say about anyone. He would always look for the good. He could look at a bad piece, and instead of saying something negative about it would point something good out. Maybe the choice of a color that person decided to use,or the spot that they chose to paint it on. He was one of those upbeat, positive people, which was evident by his big smile. He constantly would send me new pictures of his son "Peanut". He was proud to be a father. He had his son, and his wife that he loved dearly. They had recently bought a house in Connecticut. He felt that it was a better place for his son to grow up. He wanted the best for him.


I know there are a lot of people on here that have never heard of him. He never hit the city hard. He did a couple of subway trains, but not enough to make an impact. People from his area certainly knew who he was. If you were from Yonkers, or passing through it in the 80's, you could not leave without seeing Saser up. Saser C.O.S was plastered all over the place. He had a great handstyle, nice throw up, and a vicious old school style. He was certainly someone that I looked up to in those days. Last I saw anything from him was probably in 89, or 90. After that he just disapeared. About 5 years ago I was in Connecticut, and I just happen to run into him. I couldn't believe that this was the same Sase that I saw up when i was younger. I was shocked to finally meet him, and he was just as shocked that someone remembered who he was. He started painting again, sticking to one legal wall that he found. He didn't care though. He painted for the love of painting. Using good ole Rusto paint with either a stock cap, or a fat cap. Most of the time he wasn't even doing his name. He would do a family members name, a good friend that passed away, or maybe a piece for his son. It ment more to him to do someone elses name, and put a smile on their face, than to do his own. It's just the type of person that he was.


Here are some of his more recent pieces that he did in the last few years. I have some pics of his work that dates back to 87, and 88 (which is when I started to take pictures). I will put some more on here when time allows.


Rest In Peace Ed. We will do that wall that we had planned out when I see you down the road.





Sase piece back from 1984:


Sase's last piece. Done on 07/23/09 in dedication to his mom, and friend Gary "Sash"who passed.

















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he still has tags from the 80s rocking on the hutch and around the cross county. fresh style. sorry to hear.peace

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These tags are from Terror 161 aka Json's blackbook. Sase did these tags back in 1983. Sase had just gotten these shots from Json recently, some 26 years after he did them. He emailed me all psyched, saying that it made his day. Json was a writer that Sase really looked up to. Thanks to Json for these pics.



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Sase did this in either 83 or 84. I think he said it was 83. I flicked this in 88. It was an "EDFC" that he did for one of his friends that wrote Ed. Bad quality pic I know. This was a pretty crazy spot.


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.. westchester always had a different vibe on graff i believe.. its sick seen dudes that painted just for the love.. because .. i think in the end.. wt matters more its that u do it for the love ... not for the fame.. Rip Sase

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Eddie Sase was one of the most positive happy dudes I've ever known. I never saw him take a drug or smoke anything. Beers? Well , you gotta have some fun. I met Eddie around 82 when he was 15 or 16 and worked with my best friend at a little grocery store in Yonkers where I was living at that time. He was satisfied just crushing Yonkers and I was already established on trains so he looked up to me. He knew who he was and everyone liked him as he gave everyone respect. He found me on a website after 25 years in 2008 and we got together to shoot the breeze. We were glad to discover that each of us had gotten our acts together . Ed's son was born in the beginning of '08 and it was all he talked about. He just bought a new house and had gotten a new job and life was his for the taking.

He had just completed a wall for a good friend who had died just two days before his own passing. Eddie was a kid who did everything the right way as long as I knew him. Nobody could've seen this coming, which makes it all the more tragic. My condolences to his wife, son, parents and extended family.



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Damn, never met him but i remember there was a Sase tag down my street that was there untouched for years, unfortunately its long gone. That and seeing heads like Sash, Ike, Ovie, Poppy & Micro around my way was defiantly what I believe got me into this shit.


Rest In Peace

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