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Okay, I'm too old and too tall to ride a 20" so I'm selling the Verde.


They list $400 new, I'll let it go for $250 OBO....I uglied it up (so the turf kids wouldn't get any funny ideas) but it's chrome underneath so it should clean up nicely. Needs some drivetrain work, chain pops and may need a BB bearing. Besides that it's aces.


Also I'm in the market for a decent used laptop (2006 or later) or a fixed gear (58-60 cm) so a trade might work. PM me for a pic.


I'd like to do this locally but I'll ship it if you cover the cost.

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this is a craigslist find, but i dont know if i should drive the hour and a half to get it... it looks like an old schwinn stingray the way the down tube is snaked but its missing the the arched seat stay... so i figured it was probably a store brand knock off... any ideas? The lady only wants $10, and if it was a schwinn it would be a cool project bike for the summer.


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ok, so i didnt have to travel this weekend so i got my garage sale on...


Got the gt and the raleigh for $60 bucks off a guy who had more bikes packed into his dilapidated garage than is humanly possible... dude had the evil kenevil moto bike with the shocks just sitting in a pile of old schwinns.... it was crazy... he had an old scrambler too and a early 90s robinson sst that i probably would have scooped if i had more money. The gt came as pictured, but is in pretty decent shape considering... The raliegh came complete, has everything orig except the seat i believe, has matching blue anno hubs and rims. The kia, which also was complete and original i grabbed for ten bucks just cause im a sucker for pos store brand bikes... they remind me of my childhood. Although apparently the kia pos bike company is now the kia pos CAR company :lol: .


19?? gt mach one expert:




gotta put this on the museum and see if i can get a year on it...


1982 Raleigh racing r2000:




1986 Kia Challenger:




i wasted a shit ton of money in gas, but the hunt is where the fun is at... someday that gleaming kuwahara or SE is gonna be waiting for me at the end of some old bastards driveway. THAT'll be the day.

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Southern Cross Aussie brand - built...? Either here or more likely Taiwan


Bought this for 20 bills on Saturday.


Tange seat clamp / Nitto pole - highlights and chrome is v'nice.



Got all exicited over a Diamond Back... Stupidly offer 100 without proper inspection...


Let's just say I've got a nice set of cranks... fuuuuuuu

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It could be fixed given the right person and the right knowledge. You could always tidy it up as best as possible and use it as a rider.


Waza replaced the whole seat tube on an old 'Goose frame he had - It was so well done you wouldn't even know it had ever been replaced.


+1 what Rev said...

Definately repairable, Would not know the difference with a new lick of Chrome or Powder!





Gusset blinded me... Like I said, nice set of cranks :o


Hi ho hi ho off to find a welder I go...

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fun little low-key spot from the other day...


put my bike over the "detroit bladers 2010" logo cut into the cement... i guess some fruity booters made that spot?


on another "detroit blader" note, my boy said he was at some ledges downtown, when a bunch of kids approached him all like "you better not grind these ledges man, blah blah blah, roller blading and saggy sweatpants bruh"

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You can't polish a turd...





































































Bu8t you can roll it in glitter.

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garage sale'n today... got a phone call from wifey about 10:30, she came across an old pos huffy with these on it for $15 at a thrift store... got her trained well :cool: .


sate lite mag lites w/. shimano mx coasters





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