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I rode an OM recently...it's pretty nice, the price is hard to beat ($750) and it seems like it would handle a basket well. The next bike I get is going to be a basket bike, so I don't think the 29" would be the right choice.


I'll beat it 500$ for the fbm angel of death, fucking brakes are great snfu brake fucking IDK how many times they saved my dumb ass, the bb's are ill nigga you'll pedal 3x and coast like a mother fucker, hook it with a basket you'll be good to go all the chicks will be on your dick.

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Are you selling? Post up a pic and specs and I might be intrested.


Well I don't want to(because I love that bike) but I need cash(apartment issues) so I'm seeing what I got that will sell, I'll post spec's and pix maybe tomorrow... Ayo you like metal right, interested in a B.C. Rich Bich platinum series ( guitar )?

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because 29ers make the rootiest trails feel like asphalt. imagine what they make asphalt feel like.

and yea, okay.


what if i need to traverse rocky roads with possible regions of glass shards. I still don't get a mountain bike? bmx is the way to go? bmxs are equipped to handle all terrain?


Man, bmx is like skateboards. Really not ment to ride around like a bike. I ride my 20" everyday all over the place cause I really like bmx and the way it feels. I also bunny hop over everything I see and try tricks, so I always leave super early to make up the time.


But if you are just going to use it to commute or whatever I think that getting a bmx is a wrong choice. Unless you want to get super strong cause you will have to pedal like a mother to get anywhere.


Flatland bikes are even worse to get unless you are a midget that likes 18" top tubes (even though most flatlands are those nice chrome jobs with the tight mag wheels)


Race bikes arent really worth it unless you are a bmx racer those high gearings make for hard pedaling but make you super fast on the sprint.


Cruisers are the same...they are made to race and other cruisers that they make now a days are really shitty versions of single speed bikes, and are mostly made for novelty.

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You selling this??? I will def take off your hands and throw some new tan walls on it. Otherwise I would leave it the way it is




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thanks for the heads up


Yeah man, if where you are going is more then 5 miles away. I would recommend getting a regular bike.


I ride EVERYWHERE on my bmx. I also have a slammed seat so bend your mind around that one!


My knees sometimes hurt, but I still ride cause I love my bmx. only bike i know that I also can go anywhere on...curbs/kids/small creatures in the way, hop over em. Raining? hop on the train, my bike is so small i just lean it up and it doesnt get in anyones way.



If you like bmx a lot then get one, they are a really versitile bike and you can go ANYWHERE on it cause of the small size. My brother in law even has a vid of this bike messenger riding a 20 inch. Dude was going places that no other messanger can go.


BMX bikes rule!

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I just changed my set up a little i had the whole set up but replaced the handlebars with the eastern nitrous bars and bout to get new forks dont know what ones to get though any reccomendations? Flatland


I dont know about flatland bikes and what is hot right now. But, are you running a front brake?


I personnaly like Odyssey forks (I got classic dirt on my bike) but the Flat or Directors forks might be for you


Directors dont have mounts for front brakes though so the Flat might be good for you. The thing I like about them is that they already come with a headset race so you dont have to get one




They sell them on Dan's Comp for 130

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yeah man I'm trying to get a bike to go from where I'm to krome avenue. you remember where thats at? Its a hell of a trek, I think I'm better off getting a mountain bike.


Probably, 20inchers now a days come with super small gearing and are not really efficent for going long distances. Althought you can get one with big gearing on it, it going to be hard to find parts because right now everyone is buying and selling what is "trendy" now a days.


But like I said I ride everywhere on mine. I rode like 17 miles a couple of days ago standing up on my little bike, but that takes YEARS of riding bmx to get that comfortable to ride everywhere on it.


Maybe you can get a Cruiser...but I would recommend either getting an oldschool race cruiser or building one yourself. The cruisers they are coming out with now a days are novelty bikes that look and have really shitty components.


SE I think still only makes the best complete cruiser. They are a company built on race bmx so they dont skimp on parts like others do.

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I'd prefer a bmx cause i like how they look way better than mountain bikes, but i dont want the bike to crap out on me either and be stuck there or walk back. I'll look more into the se cruisers. Price is also an issue.

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