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+10 just run a little more slack... the only down side is that you have to barspin back the other direction, but if you cannot bar spin both ways what good are you anyway. Also, Gyro's are difficult to keep dialed in... if the cables stretch unevenly .... and the cables DO stretch... then you will get to readjust.... I really have not been on too many bikes in my time that had GOOD brakes and a gyro. Not saying it won't stop, but I've got that straight cable tap lightly w/ two fingers lock the back wheel up shit goin on my bike which is fine by me in comparison.


Iron Chef - that is some good history that I was unaware of.


I still have yet to be able to manual (I can manual quite well), barspin holding seat w/ knees/calves.... and then catch it and continue manualing.... my front ALWAYS drops. I dunno I might figure it out some day, it's obvious that I'm letting the front end drop... w/e.

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I still have yet to be able to manual (I can manual quite well), barspin holding seat w/ knees/calves.... and then catch it and continue manualing.... my front ALWAYS drops. I dunno I might figure it out some day, it's obvious that I'm letting the front end drop... w/e.


well... despite my distaste for low seats, i have tried it out. I pinch normally, but my seat is still below my knees, but not as low as what's the norm now.


With a slammed seat, i try to almost lean my seat/frame into my right leg *i throw with my left hand. it kinda works like pinching, but looks pretty hurt. This works pretty well with bars to manual, i dunno about manual, bar manual, but i assume it'd work. It's almost like scooping/holding your bike up with your right leg and throwing the bars with your left hand. I'm almost certain that hoang tran dude does that, peep his legs.


also, brakes help... a little bit of over doin' it with a little brake squeeze and you never drop your front again.


if all else fails... busdriver it i guess, but that's not fresh either.


now, you need to buy a freecoaster and start doing these instead...

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thanks for that comment dcay, excuse me for wanting to know what the fuck to buy before i buy it.




and okay, extra slack. got it.


a fifth of the way to a sunday, il probably order it through my lbs when i get the cash

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heh, my problem is constantly having bent/stripped bars/stems from bailing out of hang5's/nothings.


Don't fuck with an odyssey elementary stem if you're having front wheel fun, mine lasted the first week. I had that shit for a year, and the first week of fronties, that shit was done.


Also, i think they should re-introduce knurled pegs, or at least half knurled for people who still like to grind. Grip tape is bammer, my boy tried it and that shit peeled/tore up.

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^^Man, I was getting close to being able to do hang fives... but my TRLS 250's geometry isn't so hot for balancing on the front wheel I think. For one it's really difficult to even kick the bike up onto it's front balance point... that was mostly what kept me from doing it... I could do it shortly on other people's bikes... but not on mine.


Another thing my step bro and I started analyzing back in the day is what foot forward people ride w/ in relation to which way they naturally grind, 360, tabletop, etc....


We found that I'm like the goofy foot of bmx... and I'm sure it has a lot to do w/ me being left handed.... for instance... I do:


360 - spin to left naturally.

Grind - grind on left naturally.

Foot forward - right foot.


I bet if you guys compare, most will be the same.. maybe not, I'd be interested to know.

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dirty, throw with your right hand.


left foot forward

spin right

bars with left hand

grind both sides, started with left. *fun fact, i learned tooth's on my opposite side first.

hang fives on left foot


oh, and i learned whips on a tramp bike first, so i didn't have a foot preference, for some reason i kicked them to the right first... i tried them on a flyout to the right and ate shit for an entire afternoon. Second one to my left, shit was pulled.

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Weird, I always throw a barspin w/ my left hand.


This actually gets me to thinking, it'd be kinda interesting to see someone use w/e hand to do the bar spin but throw the bars AWAY from them... I'm sure someone's already done this, but it'd maybe be a crowd pleaser for those people that have seen all the tricks already.

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that ramp construction :lol:


Lol no shit, I was looking at that, looks like it was built by blind people.


Also that Tech 2 Caliper is OLLLLDDD... lol... and those center mounted brakes SUCKKKKED. If your lever/cable was in good shape, eventually the caliper's mounting hardware would wear out or loosin, and then you'd get some movement in the whole caliper. I'm sure you guys that have been around know what's up. Thank god for the invention of V-Brakes and 990 mounts....


Honestly... I'd LOVE to see some disc brake kits for bmx hubs... I think that shit would be mega player.... with hydraulic lines... you could stop on a dime and never have to worry about shitty brakes or tweaked rim f'ing up your braking power again... because your shit would be on the level of automotive brakes at that point.


Btw, in case nobody can tell, I've never been much of an advocate of riding brakeless. I have done it only a few times for a short period out of necessity, but do not like it. When I was really active at trail jumping on 9th street I'd constantly use my rear brake in the air to assist w/ the nose dive because the inertia of your rear wheel stopping throws your front end down... it works great.... and I cannot remember how many times I've had to land on a landing and slam brakes because I was squirrelly and headed towards a tree. I actually straight up bent some fork legs on an old Redline Mini I had right in half from hitting a tree... ovalized the head tube on that bike too doing that and that thing was an ill ass early 90s redline mini.


I like the advancement of technology, but I really don't want to have to upgrade all types of shit on my bike to keep up w/ the times.


I also still have a set of Kink Pegs w/ Kink chain tensioners that allow you to rotate and lock the position of the peg in... and those were the lifetime warranty pegs. I actually knew a few people that grinded through a pair, but they were excessively rough on their bikes and rode them alot. I've always been the guy that tries to keep my bike lookin really clean and shiny w/ good paint on everything because I want that shit to look damn good when I'm riding it.

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