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Texts from last night.

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(901): can you explain to me why you commented on every one of my profile pics with "tits and beer ftw" please and thank you.

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(404): Watching Miami Social reminded me of how much I miss snorting coke with burger king straws in a life guard hut on the beach until we noticed someone was drowning.

(305): Did you save them?

(404): Who?


(914): Have you ever had champagne poured on you during sex? It was like a rap video



(570): cruising supermarkets, asking random people where i can get weed. fuck alaska


(703): He just screamed at her, "if you pass out i am still having sex with you!!!" In front of the entire party.

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her: hey papi

rushawn: who's this?

her: you met me friday

rushawn: you the one i met that had no panties on?

her LOL what do i lokk like?

rushawn: you know how many i meet with no panties? PLEASE

her: no how many?

her: sends pic or her with her panties on and a arm covering her breasts

rushawn: im not impressed


THEN, i membered my boy called this bitch who he met friday when we went to the club. i started laughing and told her what happened cause i though someone was playing with me.


he: you're hella fucking rude.

rushawn: no, really, my boy called you from my phone

her:fucking wetback shit

rushawn: YOU MAD!

her: naw

her: tell ur boy to get at me

rushawn: ok and you're welcome to send more pics

her:lol no

rushawn: just the boobs

her: LOL no you're crazy i dont even know who yu are

rushawn: im rushawn

her: tell your boy to get at me.


i found it pretty funny.

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(205): we were exchanging secrets last night... she told me about how she put markers in her vaj in middle school. found a keeper.

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(410): guy picked up a cops taser, thing shot him in the neck, he went down and pissed himself, cop started laughing and hasnt called an ambulance.

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