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lol. wait a second. oops. loloz


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so yesterday a few things happened that were rather funny. i've recently been sleeping on floors and couches for a couple weeks now and a few people at my work now this. so yesterday morning i was on channel zero and i happened to open up the SUICIDE thread that was made whenever.I got sidetracked and left the screen open and a few other people i work with happened to see it, and said something along the lines " I'm not trying to get into your business but is this you on the internet.?". I said " yeah". Then looked and saw in big bold letters ontop of the task bar "SUICIDE". In my head im like "fucking fuck fuck"but then i was like "LOL". so i said to them "nah nah, that isn't me, i don't have the balls to kill myself, nor has the thought ever run through my mind.. lately" After all that i felt like an idiot for leaving up in page that said suicide .. (FAIL) FUCK. oh well. just thought i'd share a part of a shitty day.

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Ive never had a job where i had enough time to surf the internet.









and never will cuz i'm about to be a chef







oh well, atleast i never have to get caught fappin to suicide or considering committing jailbait










srsly if i got caught up in some super awkward shit like that i'd have to quit my job. no way i could cope and front like shit's cool

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I get the graffiti question all the time at work. I dont do anything crazy or excessive when I write I just write in all caps so people are like oooOooOOOo. Fucking annoying. The only thing I like about work is how much I write so if I ever want to change the way I do a letter its pretty easy swap looks.

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i like the idea of crying and asking for a raise but its been a day since it happened, i could maybe give them a sob story about my living situation and that i need more money. If i was a big asshole i would do the bandage wrist thing but i cant go to that extreme just because the people at my work are really sensitive and i'd probably get suspended or fired. i was thinking about locking myself in the bathroom and fake crying, then come out acting like i was pooping and definately not crying. lol

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