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Gnarly Sheen

Infomercials_______ why?

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Let me start this thread by stating.... I'm not sober, so at this point anything is funny. But I just happened to turn the TV on and saw this dude Klee Irwin. Well, if the name does not set you off i don't know what will. This dude looks like a white trash DR. from Mississippi with penciled on mexican eyebrows who somehow managed to learn a couple medical terms and market something to idiots who eat fast food every day from the south. This dude claims that we eat pure shit (which is probably true), but claims that most of the foods we eat have blah blah blah and apparently we don't shit enough. I don't know about y'all but i shit every day after i eat a bowl of fiber (oatmeal) so is he trying to sell me a pill to shit al the toxins out?


I'm not too sure... but, infomercials have reached an all time high in my perspective. Selling me a laxitive over the T.V. ain't working for me. I don't want a statistic, I don't want a machine that chops my vegetables, I don't want a machine that is going to rip my abdomen back into shape while i eat McDonalds, and i certainly don't want to buy a pill to make me shit all the toxins out... so who does?


Any thoughts?



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