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The New Orleans thread.....


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where are your basic shapes like rectangles? now obviously the E is too big but the point is that lines that make the horizontal rectangles smash thru the vertical rectangle and dont lose their shape once they get inside the vertical rectangle or the rectangles make a perfect right triangle inside the A. People used 2 call that letter structure. I can tell you wanna create letters with personality but maybe you should try " Dead" or lifeless letters before you step to straight letters with style. it looks like the S and E are playing basketball and the E is getting boxed out by the S. ya know whatever dude just keep practicing and gain expierience im just trying to point out some basic fundamentals without omitting any imformation so i dont skew the message . Your C and E remind me of the Communist Hammer and sickle its like the same basic shape just reversed. for example the C has a hammer on top of its head and it looks like a sickle going the opposite way as its goin in this picture. The letter C is gonna be a semi circle every time. Cuz ill be lookin at your C and in my brain im lookin for a semi circle and its like " damn . thats letter C is definately a tomahawk."


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