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The New Orleans thread.....


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how's the scene down there these days? i visited NOLA for about a month and a half back in 2007 and it seemed pretty nonexistent..the shit i did see just looked like a bunch of gang graffiti or whack first timer shit, but i def didn't get a chance to prowl around cause the city was still in pretty bad shape...i didn't really see anything in the outlying cities either


i guess what i'm askin is, is shit poppin now? doesn't seem like a city i'd want to go walk around at 2 AM and bomb..but there was basically a murder every day i was down there (around the time that female cop got shot in the head with her own gun or whatever by a homeless man down by the Superdome), and mad squally lurking everywhere...seems like a tough city to get away with shit but a ton of potential for great things with all those old buildings around


from what i see there's some nice stuff though...dope shit

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