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The New Orleans thread.....

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so until u either do that, or get noticed in this city . just leave this tread and all ur shit talking outta here

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"No Homo, No Beef...





















...just something to think about."








"It's not a matter of 'so they know who I am'. It's a matter of bombing; knowing that I can do it, you know? Every time I get in the train almost every day I see my name, I say yeah you know it I was there, I bombed it. It's for me, it's not for nobody else to see. I don't care about nobody else seeing it or the fact if they can read it or not. It's for me and other graffiti writers that we can read it. All these other people who don't write, they're excluded; I don't care about them, you know, they don't matter to me. It's for us." -SKEME

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Look any crew that call themselves "Fat Hillbillies" http://www.flickr.com/photos/39377564@N04/tags/fhc/ should not talk shit about our characters as a matter of fact a crew that doesn't rock characters should not talk shit about characters period,i mean really your criticizing of your shit,at least in my book holds no real weight. "Make your character" he said thatz funny i guess he missed out on the whole beginning of 2oth century graffiti some one please buy him SubWay art and Sparycan art and just to update 'em give 'em the Mascots and Mugs too. Dont get me wrong i'm one who loves to rock my own B-boys but if i'm givin the chance to rock an ill Hulk jus for an example,my nigga i'm do it. i mean really when Dondi ,Seen and shit the whole 1980's NYC did Bodé's was that wack? Well according to these guys it was.This iz why despite liking this old english FH mek did and this nice clean lil' Onion getup on a FR8 i still really can't give them the whole graff propz untill they step off that high horse and make some sense. come on trying our Animal cracker FR8 and they only got plain rollie block style wholecars if that is absurd to me,i mean these niggaz haven't the foggiest clue of what it takes to do a top to bottom production yet alone characterz,hahaha. I mean i feel them with that Destroying the city vibe they have, but shit we Bomb jus as much or more and we do big productionz aswell so as far as i'm concerned itz cool they can rule New Orleans just dont get in our way of ruling the world! Peace know7 FH zooted <---


you are a faggot. court dismissed..

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All time fave: BD does it perfectly.

BP did too with the arrow but they weren't even trying

Everybody thinks they got the biggest ones

But its all trash in the end





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