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blood fart

Death Row Final Meal Requests

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I did a search to see if this thread existed, but got sidetracked with the million pages of unrelated threads that came up.

So I am just going to go ahead and throw this out there.

I don't want to spark any debate about capital punishment, because really..that isn't my thing.

I don't like to argue and I do like food, so that is what this is about



Death row inmates last meal requests and final words used to be available to the public.

I guess they done did went and changed that.

But here is a site that has listings from 2002-2007.

I enjoy reading this sort of thing.





Here's one that is just for Texas inmates.






Here is an article about a dude who was the cook on death row for 11 years.

He wrote a book about it.

I might just go ahead and buy that book.






From watching Anthony Bourdain shows, I have learned that when sitting around the table for a meal with friends and colleagues, he often asks everyone to tell what their last meal would be if they were on death row.

That is what I am now doing here.



My final meal would probably be a biscuit with cream gravy, migas with corn tortillas and fried potatoes, and fried okra. And a piece of pecan pie.

With iced chai tea and water.













You reply with what your final meal would be and leave out any talk on the topic of capital punishment.

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Roast pork, scallopped potatoes, fresh beans cooked in garlic butter and broccoli/cauliflower covered in cheese sauce with a nice gravy over the top of all that.

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I wonder if I ask for that $5,000 failburger, if they'd turn me down.


They have price limits on what you can get.

You can request it, but that doesn't mean you will actually get it.


From that article about the death row cook, he said that sometimes the newspapers would report that the inmate would get 12 enchiladas and 4 tacos, but that was just his (the inmate) request and he would actually only get 4 enchiladas and two tacos.


I think some states have a $15 limit on what you can request..but I think that if you order fast food and it is less than $15, they will give it to you.


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I'd like Posole but maybe not because it

would remind me of home...and since I am a big sissy

I'd prolly cry all over my delicious posole and ruin it.

Corn tortillas and guacamole.

Dessert- Frozen yogurt-Almonds, Kiwis, Strawberries, Black berries and mochii.

and a unsweetened Iced tea with lemon.

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^^^ i feel the same.


but assuming that they drugged me up with all sorts of chiller-outers id probably ask for a slab of pork ribs with a side of fries and candied yams and a sprite from the local bbq spot in the hood. only costs about $9.


hopefully the great state of california could hook that up.

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I think most states offer to give you a sedative if you want it, to keep you from freaking the fuck out about your date with death.


My initial thought would be to ask for a samosa, cheese pakoras with mixed chutneys, some cholle batura, and palak paneer.

And a thai noodle bowl with peanut sauce, tofu and veggies.

Since I am from Texas, I am going with the Texas Dept. of Corrections, which means as a female that I would be held in Gatesville, Texas.

Gatesville is also the town where I did my prison stint, so I know that there is not much in that town in the way of ethnic foods..so if I asked for Indian and Thai food...they would probably just give me a cheeseburger and tell me to deal with it.

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I would order cyanide and save the dudes some trouble.


:lol: :lol: :lol:



I would eat porkchops. sausage, and bacon.

And try one more time to piss off Allah.

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Fresh human adrenaline gland so I can be high as fuck when this shit goes down.

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