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Graff n Dance

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SuperSmashBro1 wrote:

brawl_96 wrote:

Zeldaguy124 wrote:

brawl_96 wrote:

Zeldaguy124 wrote:

chocolate1325 wrote:

Super Mario Galaxy is better it still has an average rating of 97.2% after 71 reviews. It is better because it is a Mario game.


Mario better than Zelda just.





OoT has a rating of 10



its still bad



bad in your mind



name me 5 good reasons why its so amazing

1.Better then all the games made by far.(Its an N64 game and its better then Mario galaxy and Gran theft auto 4)




who says its better than those games?


i rather play ssb on n64


frogloe wrote:



The memorable characters


The 3D originality


Creative puzzles.


Intense boss fights.




Great graphics, even for our time!


A very lengthy game


Tons of replay value.


Perfect 10.0 rating


Various level designs


Undeniable charm






If those aren't good reasons then I don't think there is anything else.


Name 5 GOOD reasons why Mario Galaxy is amazing. T_T


If you hate OoT you hate nintendo.


OoT is without a doubt Nintendo's best work.


And this is a nintendo union.


So nintendo haters, BEGONE!



that wasnt there best work and i LOVE nintendo!!!!, probaly more than u!

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