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Was hanging with a buddy last night who is a hotel Mgr   says this app is the only way to go if you need a last minute room   this is where they post rooms at the last minute dirt

Very useful information in my line of work. Thank you. 

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yup, bought the tickets


if anyone has must-see-places for any of the following destinations, or good places to eat for vegetarians, lemme know. we'll be in each city a day or two











(well, i won't need advice about london or paris..)

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Hofbräu is Munich is a must!


May not be your cup o tea, may not even still be around but ever morning a free walking tour meets up in front of the Glockenspiel. ( http://www.newmunichtours.com/daily-tours/munich-free-tour.html) I highly recommend going on it. The guides are great and only work for tips so they have incentive to put on a great tour. Super informative if your in to history at all. (most of the major cities I visited had one of these tours from Sandeman). You'll see all the major things in the city in a couple hours.


Glockenspiel is kind of a let down but you should watch it go off just because you're there. The cathedral it's on however is amazing... Giant metal dragon sculpture scaling one of the walls. Metal statue of and angel slaying a demon in front. I dig that kinda shit.


If it's feasible, make a day trip from Munich to Füssen to see King Ludwigs Castle. You can take one train from Munich central right to Füssen then walk to the castle from there. Nice walk thru some woods. I did it in the morning and it was super foggy and awesome. Train ride takes you thru some of the Black Foreest if I remember which was also cool. The castle is the one that Walt Disney modeled the Disney castle after. This outing will take about a half day.

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If I ever get around to finishing my photothread....Munich and Budapest will come around.


King Ludwigs castle was cool, I rented a car and drove from Munich. Stayed a night in Berwang, Austria and then drove back. Nice country side and fun to drive on the Autobahn.


If you go to Ludwigs castle, be sure to reserve tickets online. Depending on the time of day the line can be crazy and they only do a certain amount of tours a day.

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naw, unfortunately there won't be any side trips.

we're flying into istanbul and MUST be in london 11 days later to fly home

we jam our vacations up so hardt, i need a vacation from my vacation.


seriously, i think we'll be focused on city centers and trains.


prolly shoulda said that first.

thanks for the tips on munich BOATS.. i don't drink though. i smoke herb

and all the talk of the castle made me look it up on teh flickrs


..and as i was doing that, i realized i saw rick steves talking about this place last week on pbs




looks awesome.


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i stayed in the butterfly villa hostel Bucharest in 2007, the girls who ran the place at that time were gorgeous and loved me. Good fun. Theres a dope Syrian resteraunt around the corner.


I also agree that Bucharest is not the highlight of travel in Romania. Smaller places like Sibiu and Brasov I found more enjoyable (though I think they were trying to make Brasov a tourist spot ? Im not sure how things are since they joined the E. U. ) Unless you need to make a travel connection out of Buch, or youre going to paint the metro then I'd recommend reading up on smaller places and seeing if one takes your fancy instead. If you do that, consider hitch hiking somewhere a short distance as a day trip (since you're pressed for time). Hitch hiking in romania is different from other places in europe and a lot of fun.


Istanbul, really everything is good there. The sites Blue mosque, aiya sofia (sp?) are all worthy. Its a great city to just walk around get lost and chat to people more than anything. I do recommend getting a hamam massage, there's some spots that just cater to western toursits, try to avoid this and find the "real deal". Even though its kind of like getting scrubbed down by a sumo wrestler (n/h) they leave you to have a nap and get changed at the end and I felt suprisingly very relaxed. The grand bizzare there is also nice.


In istanbull I met several people who'd had money extorted from them in one way or another (mostly due to their own poor judgement) and more alarmingly, met one girl who had been drugged in the place she was staying before she came to my hostel. I had absolutely no trouble and a great time. I'm sure you'll do the same.


I also would skip Vienna for somewhwere more interesting/nice (perhaps lljubliana in Slovenia? ) but that's just a personal choice.

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thanks fred.


i will definitely consider the hamam massage.. i don't know, a little wary of it but we'll see.

istanbul has such a great rep.. i wanna find some good food though.


vienna has gotten so many raves from people i know i think we kidna have to go.. plus i heard it's an easy one 'to do' so we'll be checking that out.


i'll read up on hikes near bucharest, i think we have a forced O/N there due to the train schedules..

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yes, to be honest I did look at your itinery and think to myself what you might be doing. :) Best of luck. Anyway you're sure to have a great time. The first three places are a lot of fun, and so is Paris (but you already knew that). Take lots of photos (I'll be there in November but travel photos of Europe never get old for me) Bon voyage!

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Selfishly ignoring everyone elses questions.


Me and my buddy are taken the amtrak from Rochester to NYC this Thursday. Ending up in Penn station in Manhattan then getting to Brooklyn to meet up with another bud of mine. We are plannin on stayin till late Sunday. Thurs-Sunday and doing...


-Goin to Tommy Wiseau's Q&A of The Room

-Smith St

-Black Gold

-Obscura (Oddities show)

-Pizza as fuck

Not sleeping


Lookin for more suggestions. I know I can look through all the NYC threads and Im prolly gunna (prolly not) but figured it best to not make another fuckin NYC advice thread.


Essentially we are just gunna walk around and find fun bullshit. Thats the plan no plan but I'd like to know of some rad shit before hand thanks in advance.

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I read through a buncha shit Mercer wrote a while back. Hooked myself up with a real nice MTA subway map thank you CILONE.


Tyler Durden's advice stuck out the most. The best way to find the good shit is to walk into being lost


Most likely will have a buncha shitty photos to share.

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"'I need to piss, I need to piss." The passenger said when the cabin crew told him to remain seated during takeoff, "he stood up and did it (urinated) on the ground."


Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/n/a/2011/08/17/international/i060919D53.DTL#ixzz1VIoVl7hK




Don't pee in the planes cabin or on any 12 year old girls.

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crossing that border ought to be a piece of cake? Make sure your documents are in order, I havent crossed it personally though so ask around. Also aren't canada rather touchy about leting people in if they have criminal record? It's not something im too certain about.


either way try poutine for me tell me if it's delicious. While in Montreal don't stand for any of the quebec crap haha.


Have fun.

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Montreal- check out a strip club fo sho. There's a place called something like Cinematique where you can go and watch a pretty good assortment of Candian documentaries for free on your own screen, think that's on St Denis near....Rene Levesque? Walk around the streets & you'll see some good graf, especially if you head down Ste Catherine toward the direction of Chinatown. There's a lot of great food around, and plenty of beers.

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