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Was hanging with a buddy last night who is a hotel Mgr   says this app is the only way to go if you need a last minute room   this is where they post rooms at the last minute dirt

Very useful information in my line of work. Thank you. 

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I'm not really sure this is the place to decide that. I haven't been to Brazil yet but it's pretty common knowledge they have a vibrant graffiti culture.


Painting in general in less developed countries, I'd advise doing two things.


1) Form appropriate contacts (I'll leave it up to your common sense to understand what appropriate means)


2) Keep a reserve of money incase you find yourself in trouble.


Enjoy brazil! Smile and say obrigado, I'm sure you'll make fast friends.

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^ hah


actually, no offence. But I realised later from your post you might not have all that much common sense.


When I said form appropriate contacts, I basically meant this kid




Really though Brazil looks great. Enjoy yourself.

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My friend stayed in Brazil for a year, but he doesn't paint.

I would just say be super careful there wherever you go, my mom's

coworker's father was shot in the head sitting at a red light

by the car next to him and robbed. If you're white or dressed

somewhat nice(even casual) they just assume you have money

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To be honest. I've found that cliche of packing everything you think you need, then throwing out half to be perfectly true. Packing lighter frees you up to do more interesting things. I've never taken a blanket or pillow travelling.


Ear plugs though...are a must.

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on occassions i've found that it is also cheaper to buy new boxes and socks and sometimes shirts than actually washing them. also takes less time too


edit: good for when your also in a rush too with no clean clothes, like for that early or late flight when you wanting to be feeling fresh

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i've done all kinds of trips.. the most memorable might have been 8 days in egypt or 10 days in australia. i've never checked a bag. you should be able to walk around with your luggage.


less stuff, more money, agreed 100%

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I spent a few weeks on the island of Skyros in Greece, and I still daydream about it.


We had an apartment that cost 40 euro a night for two people. It was so close to the sea that you could throw a rock from the bed into the water. Every morning we would see a fisherman pulling in the fresh catch of the day that we'd be eating later.


All day, beach, eat seafood, and repeat. Damn I miss that place.















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looks so good i cant wait to do egypt then greece but fuck thats a year or two off




Same I plan on doing a eurotrip for two months once

im out of college, which isn't for a couple years...been saving

for awhile sp im pretty set on it. The homie has family

in poland, plus knows tons of others in multiple countries

so we are hoping to barely stay in hostels.

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