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word.. i dunno if we'll be going further south than Marrakech but i'lll keep the beach in mind

africa is coolio



pfffffft that's funny, i saw they have a Tile Museum in Lisbon and thought that would be a cool place to visit.

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thinking of adding either Stockholm, Oslo, or Helsinki to the Copenhagen trip next year.


any help choosing one from those? i hear Oslo isnt worth the trip but that was from someone who doesnt write.








bought my tickets to Portland for August.

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So im headn out west monday n will be traveln thru Montana all the way to Santa Cruz(July 6th)/LA(July8/9th).

Originally was going to LA for a place to sleep but homie baild on me

so if anyone is arnd tht area or santa cruz(id be willing to shoot back up there)

and would be willn to link up or have a place to crash at thtd be syck since I

currently have no place to crash out. Hoping to also shoot dwn to San Diego

before I finally end up n Austin and San Antonio.

So fellow Oontzrz, hit me up id appreciate it.

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thinking of adding either Stockholm, Oslo, or Helsinki to the Copenhagen trip next year.


any help choosing one from those? i hear Oslo isnt worth the trip but that was from someone who doesnt write.

bought my tickets to Portland for August.


Trekked around scandinavia in 04.

Graff was pretty hard to find in Oslo but that was obviously some time ago.


If you have limited time I would skip Oslo but if you're into fjords etc they do a cool "Norway in a nutshell" tour thing which I enjoyed.

http://www.norwaynutshell.com/ is the site.

It involves a train to Flam, another train down to fjord down a super steep track , fjord cruise then a bus to Bergen - you then take overnight train back to Oslo.

I found it pretty cool. Except when I got up at midnight to use the bathroom in the sleeper car and locked myself out wearing only my boxers. Had to walk to the buffet car to get a key from the conductor. :D



Stockholm was also pretty darn cool. Kinds would recommend Stockholm of the two.

beautiful city - made up of 100's of islands, lots of graff (when I was there). I stayed in a boat hostel which was okay.


Would kind of pick Stockholm of the two and also dip across to Malmo from Copenhagen.


EDIT I was travelling on a scanrail pass but you can probably fly it much easier now....


hope that helps

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BOATS i haven't been that far north in europe


if i were you i'd go to the place where i could (take a little trip to) see the Northern Lights. i really wanna do that thnough ..i think Olso or Helsinki would work for that. might depend on time of year.


looking at what else those places have to offer on tripadvisor, i'd prolly choose Stockholm. but that's me.

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Thanks guys, I'm thinking Stockholm . I was chatting w an oontzer who lives in that region and they were pushig it as well. Taking a day trip to some Fjords will be rad, just gotta be patient now and get everything worked out.


Got an open invitation to stay w a buddy in Montreal yesterday. I think he said you went up there schnitzel.

Gonna be a fun couple of trips coming up!

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if you have a buddy, Montreal will prolly be cool

it's a lovely city


but i found the people there to be fucking insufferable

if the french have a shit rep in north america, i blame it on french-canadians, who make the french look like the most unassuming, friendly, down-to-earth folks on earth in comparison.

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Heading to Berlin for a few nights on Monday.

Any places to eat/walk/visit that you could recommend, that aren't the obvious spots (holocaust memorial etc) would be much appreciated.


Also Morocco is unreal. went for a 10 day trip in a camper van back in march, and would recommend it to everyone. If its possible though, i would head further south that Marrakesh, as its crazy busy and just a tourist hotspot. towns like Taroudant, and Zagora are a much better experience.

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I stayed in Portugal and Morocco for a few months back in the late Nineties.


Portugal is a pretty fucking cool place, the friendliest people around hands down. It is also really easy to travel there and everyone under 30 speaks English for the most part. It is standard to greet just about everyone based on the time of day, as follows but I think it is more polite to stick with the two word greetings until you are familiar.




I would recommend taking in Lisbon and then traveling by train to the Algarve, if you like I can PM you contact information for Portimão and you can visit my friend who owns a shop there. She will hook you up with information and likely make good arrangements for a place to stay and what not.


I think it is almost impossible to have a bad time in the Algarve, just be sure to go to real Portuguese places and not the bullshit set up for the English and Germans. I found that people there are super cool and trust worthy, it took a minute for me to get my head wrapped around the idea that I cold let my guard down compared with home.


Morocco on the other hand, is not a let your guard down proposition. Them dudes hustle HARD, twenty four seven, cradle to grave. Present yourself as married or you will have romeos following you from city to city. They con women into relationships to get out of the country, it is remarkable to watch them work but really a drag to be on the receiving end. When I was there you could travel just about anywhere anytime during the day but I would not recommend going far at night, especially as a woman.


Be careful eating the food, I got salmonella there which sucked. You can get booze but in some areas I do not think it is worth the hassle, you will prolly come across some old French hotel somewhere that has a nice bar and I would enjoy that. I am guessing that you are traveling with your partner and if so I would have them handle getting any chocolate.


If chocolate is your thing and even if it isn't you should check this video: http://www.strainhunters.com/site/index.php/index.html/_/expeditions/morocco-expedition-r2


The history in Morocco is intense, I would recommend brushing up on that before and during your trip. I would also recommend reading some Paul Bowles before and maybe during your trip, for sure dude, start with Sheltering Sky and then maybe grab the short story collection. I do not know about now but when I was there it was like time had been standing still for 50 years in some of the places.


Oh, Algeceris, the City in Spain where you will catch the ferry to Tangier, is a spot to be careful in as well.


I did not do much shopping in Morocco and have always kind of regretted that I did not get something cause they have a lot of nice shit there, I would bring a little budget for that if I were to return. My friend in Portugal can provide good information on this and maybe contacts as she buys product for her store there.


I hope my comments do not come off as too negative, there is a lot to see there but there is also a mentality where everyone wants something that I have not encountered in other parts of the world with comparable poverty.


And just like in Portugal and just about everywhere in the world a few greetings will go a long way toward smoothing everything out, especially "la shucran" which is No Thank You, can be like the magic two words along with as-salām 'alaykum and the response wa 'alaykum as-salām (which I had a hard time getting right).

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wow morton, that's a good lil rundown


your comments don't seem negative at all, i get the tourist hustle thing... i just got back from bangkok after all

i'm simply not sure i'll have the time to do everything everyone suggests.. in fact i know i won't

my trips are almost always short but, my philosophy is it's better to have a quick getaway than none.

we won't be able to go further south than marrakech but the good news for us is that we're coming from tangier by land so we'll see some of the country


i'll be with my man and a friend of ours, hopefully she won't get accosted too much

egypt wasn't bad though, being with a man so i think we'll be ok.

luckily we're all from a pretty dangerous east coast city so even if shit goes down we can prolly handle it


i will read up, good suggestion.

i usually try to do a lot of that myself... cambodia for example, i really read up on first.

i can't watch a video at work, but i love chocolate haha will definitely check it out


thanks all

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So i have recently moved to London from L.A. and know no one besides my ladies two chick friends.

Basically I'm asking if any of you ch0 cats know where the cool scenes iN LDN are, Along the lines

Of like gutter ass punk shows dope underground shit, bars etc to ultimately build a group of cool down to earth friends out there.

Cause lately all the places I'm being taken/wandering into are more on the "yuppie-ish" side of folks. And me being a heavily tattooed skateboarder etc

i don't quite fit in too well. Any recommendations would be dope.


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