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A strange series of events from last night involving a cat named Wino.

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Last night my goal was to get fucked up drunk.


My girls place has a pool table and a back patio over looking sea world and mission bay. I invited a few friends over and she did the same. One of her homegirls brought this dude who I'm guessing she's hooking up with, total doucher. Emo hair, tight pants, reflective aviator sunglasses, and biker boots. Telling me how he used to be a squatter...now he's living in Hollywood....driving a new f150 longbed. Trustfund much??


Well after a 30 pack, a bottle of jameson, and about 10 games of pool, doucher decides his cat has been in the car too long and needs to get out and stretch. (who brings their cat with em on a drive from LA to San diego?)


So he let's his cat loose in the backyard saying, "he'll come back when we're leaving". Guess what? The cats no where to be found by then. They search for that cat for a few HOURS while me and my buddies keep drinking and playing pool.


Eventually they find the cat up a tree in the front yard. Doucher climbs up after the cat and gets stuck himself! :LOL: after about 10 mins of this guy hugging this tree branch with his cat in his lap and all of us on the ground laughing at him,(I kept yelling "just throw the cat down!!!") he mans up and just jumps down.


I said "well that deserves a round of applause" and start the group clap. While everyone is clapping he sets the cat down in the driveway and raises his arms in victory. But as soon as he set the cat down it ran away again!! :LOL: dumbass.


Eventually he got it again, put it in his truck, and we party some more. They leave and come back a couple hours later to find us still getting wrecked playing sloppy drunk pool. Turns out when doucher put his cat in the truck his window was down and the cat escaped again!! :LOL: HAHAHA


They give up looking after about another half hour and leave us their number in case we find the cat.


We continued to party. My boy slept on the couch near the pool table so I went to check up on him in the morning. And there was that damn cat staring at me thru the window.


He just came and picked it up and left.



Wow wall of text.

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