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----->Late 80's / Early 90's Hiphop - The Lesser Heard<-----

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Rare and slept on:

Aceyalone - Mic Check (Labrats Remix):



Alkaholiks - No Handouts:



Beatnuts - Confused Rappers:



Blackstar - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised:



C.V.E. - Jurassick: (seriously slept-on left coast dopeness)



Company Flow - Simian Draws:



Dr. Octagon - Ecologist (ultra rare unreleased track really not available on much of anything - yes this is the original Automater/Q-Bert/Keith line-up) NOTE: I forgot... Keith is only on the chorus. The main lyrics are Sir Menelik but it's still Octagon:


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Frescho and Miz - We Don't Play:



Freestyle Fellowship - Can You Find the Level of Difficult in This?:



GZA - Liquid Swords (Remix) (features the RZA, Casual and Del of all people):



Grave Diggaz - Freak the Sorceress (unreleased track from the first album - easily one of their best songs):



Lifer's Group - The Real Deal (Shadow Mix) (Yep... DJ Shadow on the cuts and production):



Mood - Snakebacks (Karma Part 2):



I got tons more. This is just like the tip of the tip of the iceberg.

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Yaggfu Front - Roll Wit the Yaggfu (rare b-side track not on the album from really obscure hip hop trio):



Xzibit - Three Emcees (before he pimped rides, this guy used to be a really good rapper, as this track recorded before his second album shows with Del and Saafir, I think it's Del and Saafir... my memory's not very good):



Top Quality - Magnum Opus (Biz Markie's cousin? Yeah... for reals):



Tony Tone - The Assassinator (I saw the video for this back in the day as Tony Tone but the album is an artist named "Style." Who knows why?):



Three Times Dope - I Ain't Try'n Hear it (The ill thing is, their producer plays his SP 1200 live like a drummer on this one):



High and Mighty - Sun, Moon, Stars (from the first album sessions but not on any album ever):



I'll post more another day. Or if you just want to look through my site at what I'm posting:


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