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I Dumped Hubby To Marry Sons Pal, 16.

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WHEN mother-of-seven Marilyn Buttigieg fell in love with a 16-year-old lad, she knew it was wrong.

The 49-year-old risked splitting her family apart forever when she ditched her husband of nearly two decades for her toyboy lover.


Not surprisingly, her children were disgusted with her behaviour — one even called her a paedophile.


But now, newly married to William Smith, now 19, Marilyn says she couldn’t care less what anyone thinks.


“I know that 30 years is a big age gap but William and I have so much in common,” says Marilyn, who also has eight grandchildren.


“We truly are soulmates. I know it is difficult for other people to understand, but slowly both our families are learning to accept us as we are.”


Marilyn first met William three years ago when her 16-year-old son Mark brought his school friend to her home in Crawley, West Sussex.


She immediately noticed William’s lovely eyes. She says: “My son and his friend bounded in through the front door, dumping their bags in the living room. Mark said, ‘Mum, meet Will Smith, like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air’. ”


Five years before meeting William, Marilyn had been diagnosed with ME and the spine condition scoliosis and had to give up her job in a café.


She says: “My life had been turned upside down and I often felt so tired and drained I couldn’t get out of bed. But whenever William came round, his sense of humour would brighten up the house.


“After a few weeks he stayed for dinner and soon he was a permanent feature of the house.”


Ironically, her husband Gary and son Mark used to joke that William had a crush on her. She recalls: “I really didn’t believe it though and if anything I was a little flattered.


“After falling ill, my relationship with Gary crumbled. After 18 years of marriage we slept in separate rooms and I became lonely and withdrawn.”


When Marilyn confided in William that her illness made it hard to do the household chores, he leapt at the chance to do the supermarket shopping or mow the lawn.


After about three months, Marilyn started feeling a guilty attraction to her teenage helper.


She says: “I knew it was wrong. Not only was he my son’s friend but he was only 16. Then one day when we were in the kitchen William said, ‘I really like you Marilyn, not just as a friend’. I took a deep breath and said, ‘I feel the same, but we can’t do anything about it’. ”


William’s mum Carolyn had started visiting Marilyn and would innocently tell her how much her son adored her.


She says: “William and I stayed strong but one day, when I was feeling particularly ill, I was so weak that William had to help me get out of bed. As he lifted me up there was a moment between us and we kissed.


“It was magical but afterwards I felt terrible. I told him, ‘We have to stop, what would my children think?’ But William didn’t agree. He kept telling me to go with it and after a while I started to consider it.” For a year, they kept their relationship under wraps, stealing kisses when no one was around and booking into a local hotel for secret dates.


They slept together for the first time after five months.


Marilyn says: “When William and I fell into bed together and made love all my fears disappeared.”


Marilyn’s marriage deteriorated and in November 2007 divorce proceedings were started. Last summer, Gary moved out of the family home and William moved in. Telling her children was tough. While Priscilla and Ritchie took the news well, the other five were horrified. She recalls: “Gaby decided to live with her dad and Mark called me a ‘paedo’. It tore me apart.”


William says: “My family disowned me and I lost most of my friends. But I always thought of my nan’s advice to stay true to myself. You can’t help who you fall for.”


The couple have found it difficult to cope with the stares and comments when they’re out. Marilyn says: “We would get funny looks. Strangers would call William a ‘granny s*****r’ and me a ‘paedo’.”


When William popped the question, Marilyn was reluctant but last Christmas he gave her an engagement ring and in February she finally said yes to a wedding.


Again Marilyn had to tell the children. She says: “Mark said, ‘I’m happy for you. I’m past being angry about it’. Davinia and Gaby said they would help me find my wedding dress and William’s family said they would come.”


The pair married in April at Crawley register office, then honeymooned in Gibraltar. Marilyn says: “I felt like a blushing young bride in my white dress.”


And William loves being a stepdad and grandad. “Getting married was the best experience I’ve ever had,” he says. “Words can’t describe how happy I am now.”





What the fuck.


some people should never have made it out of the womb.

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“My life had been turned upside down and I often felt so tired and drained I couldn’t get out of bed. But whenever William came round, his sense of humour would brighten up the house."




"my life got fliped, turned upside down."

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What was dude thinking? He can't slap up the buds for that baggage. She is uglier than homemade sin.


Dude needs to understand what the requirements are for Cougar status

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