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@Ray40- if it's any consolation... I was being called a toy ten years into my writing career by some of the Bay Area's best. A biter, and a toy... that's what was being said about me to my face. Not o

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one time years and years agoii was climbing around under a bridge somewhere and this kid scared the piss out of me when i hear him underneath me hollerin... naturally i respond with, "who the fuck are you?" and he's all like yo im kers, shows me this extendo roller and a bucket of paint and explains that he was down there to roll out a spot to update a wall of his or clean up all the toy shit riding so he can rock a burner. i didnt know who he was at the time, but he was real cool. he offered to roll out a spot for me so we could go side to side, i finished my fillins and got the fuck on. later started to notice kers work.


+ $0.02

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glad to see the good responses to kers ...... i want to bring him back up in the game but i know he been drawing up some crazy burners he showed me a demolish piece that he wanted to start fresh from cus he said he was getting bored with "kers" but i'm glad that he took me under hes wing .....but one thing he told me is never tell cats that i'm graffin with him because all the beef he had but fuck it i'm proud bout that ...... just wanted to share this with yinz...............

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I have a feeling alot of old heads and some youngins are gonna put PGH back on the map. Just sayin is all, KERS SHOULD DEFINITELY MAKE A COMEBACK. Pgh has a habit of chillin out for a few years then comin back heavy and for good reason, because we got a good community of writers out here. Just keep these kids educated because honestly if old heads dont put the youngins down with knowledge then a scene dies more and more and we're too ill to do that

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