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ale and vesoe over me? ok its on


i dont even wanna hear that shit, you get at me like shits all cool then the minute i step onto the set the first thing i see is YOU capin my shit and dissin all my homies, well if its on my nigga we ready




"i didnt really start paintin untill after you moved but i allways been a fan of sad and fts, ive been wounderin where yinz went for a long time




you smash me n lites shit after you hit me up with this shit? and to think i had no idea...i even tried reachin out when yer homie was talkin bout deading the beef, you cap my shit after that? it's all good tho homie, i see whats happnin, i been around the block a few times

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whatthe fuck are you talkin about,never did i ever go over you, not even a hand and as for your boys if they cant finish what they started ill just finish them and if v wants to get into it well lets do it. get the fuck outa here with your bullshit, you didnt have the balls to post that shit yourself, you wanted to see how long it would take me to catch on, couldnt say nothing on here till your outa town, thats straight bitch. yyinz couldnt even diss right tryin to cross out spray hands with a deco and you been paintin for 10 years hahah, if i was you i wouldnt be tellin anyone that shit. point is i never went over you till last night same with vesoe, and now that ftcs slippen away you come back and try to save the day, stay in ny why dont you cloud their thread with your 10 years i sell crack bullshit, we see right through that shit

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