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OFFICIAL NBA 2009-2010 THREAD....................

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Skip school, asshole. The Finals are 5,000,000 times more important, asshole. What the fuck are you doing going to school at night for anyways, asshole?


Can't skip classes when I paid $2,000 out of my own pocket and there are only 12 classes, asshole. Also, can't miss a class because if I miss one class, I don't have the option of retaking the class for free anymore, asshole. The finals would be 5,000,000 times more important if my team was playing, asshole. Im going to school to get a job where I will be making enough money to buy front row season tickets to any game in the NBA I want for the rest of my life, asshole.




asshole (one more for the hell of it)

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The Celtics looked like trash last night, had they not missed countless easy layups and jump shots that game would have been a lot closer, but still not in reach.


For games 7 thought, that's not going to happen. Expecting an intense evenly matched game. Regardless of Perkins not playing.


The Lakers almost scored 100 last night, which is basically they formula they need to follow to win. Two other players had over 12 points and there we're a couple off of the bench that almost contributed 10 each. If this happens again, Lakers are going to win for sure.


The Celtics need all 4 of their stars to have solid games, with one of them having a break out game (looking at Pierce and Rondo specifically). I am pretty interested in who is going to start for Perkins, will it be Davis who is too undersized to play against Bynum/Gasol or will it be Sheed?

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I'd prefer the Lakers play them at full strength...


I see where you're coming from, but Celtics fans brag endlessly about beating us in 08 even though we didn't have Bynum, so fuck it.


I have a feeling this game tonight is gonna be a classic, I can't wait

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Didn't have Bynum or Ariza (2 starters) back in '08.


And we basically don't have Bynum now since he's only been playing between 2 to 15 minutes a game hobbled, at under 50%.


If this were the regular season he'd definitely be sitting out undergoing surgery.

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