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OFFICIAL NBA 2009-2010 THREAD....................

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also, this is totally awesome.....


any story involving a wad of hundreds in an envelope is guaranteed awesome.

at the bar I was at this one dude especially was so so butthurt over that last 3...hahaha shit was too funny. screaming "DON'T SHOOT, DON'T SHOOT...FUUUUCKK!!!!"


same guy, last week came up like 9 stacks in one day. c'mon son!

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i like doc rivers as a coach alot, thats kind of a funny story. however it should have been coupled with a win. although, to project another game during the same year obviously signifying the finals was probably fair enough seeing as how far away it was and what they had to do in order to get there.


also, that was pure comedy kobe not even acknowledging C-rock. but didnt Jackson get choked at him too, rather than at the chick, for having his feet to far out on the court?


either way chris rock goin down in history for possibly the most embarressing disreguard toward a celebrity at a sporting event :)

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I mean the Lakers are a "national" team, so everywhere you go there's fans, so I know alot of other people that support them too, but I definitely get into arguments with people over basketball alot.


It's usually all good natured shit, people tend to not want to fight me because I'm big with a shaved head and tattoos haha. The best is that my regular bar is an Irish shithole, so obviously they live and die by the Celtics in there...that makes for some interesting nights.


If I were a Yankees fan, then there'd probably be alot more fights. For such a boring sport, baseball fans are definitely down to scrap over that shit, and RI is probably 3/4 Sox fans and 1/4 Yankees fans, so shit is like a warzone sometimes haha

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Baseball fans are like soccer fans, they're bored to shit so they light it up and smash on. 'The fuck you going to have a game go for three hours and everyone's in single digits?


Anyway. Time for the C's to go to work. Hope the Lakers are feeling welcome at the garden.

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