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OFFICIAL NBA 2009-2010 THREAD....................

Poesia [ ] T

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That said, while the Thunder are going to be a very good teams for years to come (probably a championship one sooner rather than later), the Lakers are gonna steamroll to the Finals this year, ESPECIALLY if (when, really) Carmelo leaves Denver.


First significant signing in awhile, Luis Amundson going to Golden State...be cool to watch him and David Lee play with Curry and Ellis. I think the Kings and Golden State both COULD be good in the near future, just gotta see what happens.


Also, Iverson is apparently considering going Marburry, and playing in China...really a sad way to end an amazing career

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Go The Celtics. Fucking Australians. Can't even fucking speak English. Swamp, i feel you. Don't nobody give a fuck about women's basketball. Shit is like an exhibition if you ask me. Go The Ray Allen! Can't wait for you to break the 3 point record next year.

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Apparently Melo is all but out the door


"The trade would send Anthony to the Nets, with Denver getting Derrick Favors, the third pick overall in last June's Draft, along with forward Andrei Kirilenko from the Utah Jazz and two first-round draft picks -- including the 2012 first-round pick the Nets got from Golden State this summer in a trade for guard Marcus Williams. The pick is protected through the seventh pick in the first round, so if Golden State were to get one of the top seven picks that year the Nets -- and, if the deal goes through, the Nuggets -- would get a first-rounder in 2013, also protected through the seventh pick.


The Nets would then send point guard Devin Harris to the Charlotte Bobcats. The Bobcats would send forward Boris Diaw to the Utah Jazz. The Nets, who would obviously need a point guard if they trade Harris, were still trying late Friday to get Charlotte to put guard D.J. Augustin into the deal. If the trade were to go through without Augustin New Jersey would start newly signed free agent Jordan Farmar at the point.


Utah would exchange Kirilenko, who had a bounce-back year last season, in exchange for Diaw in order to get under the $70.3 million luxury tax threshold for next season, according to a league source. Kirilenko will make $17.8 million this season while Diaw makes just $9 million."

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Also, this rule in FIBA play that states that the ball is live when ever it hits the rim is pretty interesting.


Yup. I'm not sure if I'd like to ever see it in the NBA (not that it'd ever happen anyways), but it definitely changes the game.


"The NBA D-League announced today that is has tweaked its goaltending and overtime rules, the goaltending rule will now mirror the FIBA rule that allows a player to knock the ball away when it is on the rim. Since it serves as, in the words of NBA D-League President Dan Reed, the NBA’s “Research and Development” department, it’s reasonable to assume that it’s just a matter of time before this new goaltending rule is implemented in the NBA."

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i'm biased, but i really really like the celtics chances this year. doc rivers said today that his offensive goal of the year is to have the highest field goal percentage in the league (kendrick perkins has led this category in the league in the past) - but this basically means feeding the ball to the 5 spots - which the heat have absolutely no answer for.


Oh - and lets not forget that the celtics have shut down dwayne wade and lebron repeatedly in the past without using much of a double team, and chris bosh won't have shit on KG


Shaq termed the bench the BBM - The Boston Bench Mob haha

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